“I’m sorry, but without my fees I cannot continue on this case further. I hope you understand”. It was she who had hoped he would understand her. Nevertheless, she left his office with tears in her eyes. It had all started a month ago when few young boys in their mid-twenties entered her house and claimed it to be their own saying that her husband had sold them this house a week before he died. She knew her husband could never do this to her and that their story was fabricated. They left the house demanding her to vacant the house in a month. It was then someone told her of the ingenious lawyer, Zaheer Ahmed.

Zaheer was a young ambitious lawyer in his early thirties. He had worked hard to earn a reputation for himself. It was money that mattered the most for him and so when Mrs Kumar said that she couldn’t afford his fees, he politely refused to work further on the case. Today was like any other day for him, except that it was not. He came home from his office, cooked himself dinner and sat down fora late night movie. The movie was turning unbearable for him and somewhere near the interval, he heard a sound from the store room. He knew right then the sound maker was the rat .He thought it was time to clean his store room for once. After all, even men are expected to stay hygienic. The store room was a complete disaster as expected. Everything was kept out of place and there were newspapers lying everywhere. If any woman had ever seen this place, she would take a vow of a lifetime to never marry this bachelor even if he was the last person on Earth. He started piling up the newspapers .It was while picking up a newspaper that he realized something fell, probably an outlet. On another occasion, he would have thrown it away but his father’s name on it caught his eye. It was a letter. The letter was addressed to his late aunt and his father’s beloved sister Zohra appa.

As-salamalaikum ,

Zohra appa


I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. We are all good here by Allah’s grace and my business is doing well.

I want to thank you for all what you did for me. I can never repay you. It was your confidence that helped me fight the disease and start a new life all over again. Even though I had completely lost my faith after losing my job to the disease, it was you who encouraged me and motivated me reminding me of how Allah tests a person’s patience in troubled times. It was your money that helped me open a small café and today I am proud to inform you that my café is feeding many people. I am thankful to you for standing by my side and for giving me the strength and the courage to begin a new life with a positive attitude. It was your love and your prayers and your undying faith in me that I have once again found the stability of my life. I shall forever be indebted to you.

You will be happy to hear that your nephew, Zaheer is now 5 yrs old and he aspires to became a lawyer and help people fight their way to justice. I hope one day he is able to make a difference to somebody’s life just the way you made a difference to our lives.

My salam to Rizwan bhaijaan and my love to little Zaid. Once again thank you appa for being the nur of my life and for making it shine brighter than ever.

Your grateful brother,

Umar Ahmed.

By now, Zaheer had finished reading the letter, but his eyes kept going back to the two lines from the letter. ”help people fight their way to injustice. I hope one day he is able to make a difference to somebody’s life just the way you made a difference to our lives.” He regretted ever word he said to Mrs Kumar. He knew if he ever wanted to thank his aunt, this could probably be his best chance. He made a quick decision and went to his study to concentrate on the case.

Morning arose and with it his determination to win this case.

That day, there was an article printed in the mid-day newspaper. It read,

“Zaheer strikes again

The young lawyer once again proved of why he is called a winner. An old Mrs Kumar was heartbroken when she was forced to leave her house within a month. Some people had claimed it to be their own house. Seeking Zaheer’s help she has now confirmed her stake on the house and is happy to return home. What is surprising is that he did not charge her any money. He later told her that she was an old lady and he wanted to help her to fight for justice.

Some people say that just like the times people too change. Where in the good old days, people fought for love, now people fight only for money. But Zaheer has proved it all wrong. His fight for justice today proved that we can make a difference to someone’s life with our love and kindness.”