The wind, after a harsh struggle with the branches, flew away somewhere in the white snow desert, somewhere far … far, far away. It’s passing through my bones, giving me creeps all over. A lone wolf started howling in the mountain and then another one and another one. They attached one to another in a wide song. The blinding mountain sunlight was even stronger with the reflection from the frozen surface of snow that made it unbearable for the eyes and made you sneeze.

This was the picturesque moment from the window of the mountain house. Inside the little sparks from the fireplace attended to get in the warm room but were stopped by the grate. I stood by the window. My mind was somewhere where no man has ever been. I turned to the window on the other side of the room. From that spot, you could see the pine wood that spread all over the huge mountain. It was getting more and more stuff on the top of it. I turned my glance from that place and sat in the middle of the room and focused on the snow that melted on the window from the internal heat. There was no one as far as I could see. But my thoughts were broken by my girlfriend’s hand that touched my shoulder in my mindless standing. I shivered at the touch that was totally unexpected.

“Damn you!” I yelled at her as she laughed.

“You should see the expression on your face,” said Sidney almost dying from laughter.

“Do not you ever do that again!”

I said with an angry expression that wrinkled my forehead.

But then I relaxed and started laughing with Sidney.

“Hey, early waker,” she whispered while she leaned over my shoulder, “is there any chance that you have made me some cocoa?”


“And how about going for a walk in the woods and getting close to Canada?”

“You do not walk over the northern territory in a day, Sidney, “I said with a half-open mouth and a certain dose of unserious thought. That noon we got out of the chalet with full equipment for deep snow. After a long walk, we stopped in the woods. The places where the sun broke between the branches were rare and they made shiny spots on the deep snow.

“There you go, Sid,” I said.

“It cannot get colder than this.”

I shivered under the whole pile clothes on me.

“Wow! It’s gorgeous!” she said, looking at a deer that ran through the snow not very far from us.

His gallant walk made Sid follow him in spite my warnings. After my running and yelling everything was hopeless. I was in the middle of-of nowhere! I was afraid that Sid had there and now like I did not know where she was. My thoughts were suddenly broken by homebound which cracked through the woods. It was like a million giant sequoias falling at one place, at one time. The air shivered with strange vibrations from the frozen soil. I turned back and saw the huge avalanche coming right at me. My knees were locked in one position. I paid frozen with fear. The huge mountain of snow was sliding unmistakably on me. Just as I was looking into the eyes of death an inner strength took me with long steps from death’s hug. I pressed against a tree while my heart wanted to jump out of my chest Slowly but surely I got out of the trap I was in.

I sat on a rock and said with a smile on my lips: “Who said that Canada was a’doll’country?”

I put my hand in my pocket searching for the compass that was not there.

“Oh, my God!” I yelled, “now I’m really lost wandered around for five hours and finally came to the place where I was before. The sun that was heading west gave a reddish-purple glow to the snow that somewhere covered Sidney’s body. Somewhere in the dark half of my mind did a lot of thinking as I wandered in the wilderness.

Suddenly the deer from earlier stood in front of me.

“Alex! “I heard a familiar voice while was looking at the cute animal in front of me.

“God, I’m hallucinating!” I cried whipping the defrosted snow of my palm.

“Alex!” cried somebody’s voice angrily. I thought that the deer was talking to me.But the moment I turned back, I saw Sid laughing at me.

“What so funny?” I asked hardly able to hold my own laughter. You really thought I lost myself. Oh, Alex.”

“No, of course not, “I said with relief.” By the way, where were you, Sid?”

“I was at the chalet all the time after I followed the deer. You ought to meet and touch one of them. By the way, where were you?”

You do not want to know, Sid. You do not want to know,” I finished quickly.

The night caught the house by the red-brick fireplace.

“Have you ever felt caught, Sid, I mean really caught?”

“No. Why?” She answered drinking off the last drops of cocoa in the cup.

“I felt that way today, Sid, and I almost felt it permanently”

“Do not be silly Alex! What are you talking about?”

“Nothing,” I answered, “Let’s go to bed. It’s late.

The dawn rose up in fog. It was snowing and the wind after a harsh battle flew somewhere far … far … far away.