Along with societal changes, gender-reflective fashion trends also evolve. Men wearing nail paint has become more common in India in recent years. However, this fashion trend has not been widely accepted, and some people have even referred to it as “gay.”

The fact that guys can wear nail polish is not intrinsically “gay” must be understood. It’s just a way of expressing oneself that anyone may enjoy, regardless of sexual orientation. In reality, male style heroes and celebrities like Harry Styles and Johnny Depp have been pictured out in public while using nail paint, defying gender norms and fostering a more varied fashion business.

Despite these encouraging changes, many Indians still have negative and dubious opinions of this movement. Some see it as a slight against traditional masculinity, while others just don’t get it. However, since fashion and self-expression are personal decisions, they shouldn’t be judged or limited by gender preconceptions.

Furthermore, it’s critical to take into account bigger fashion industry-related issues including its effects on the environment and workers’ rights. Fast fashion, which is defined by the quick production of low-cost, throwaway clothing, plays a significant role in both environmental degradation and abusive labour practises. Instead than criticising males for wearing nail paint, attention should be directed towards these urgent issues.

We can improve our general quality of life and lessen our impact on the environment by promoting more ethical and environmentally friendly clothing options. Reusing and recycling clothing, fostering mindful consumption, and assisting businesses that prioritise fair trade and ethical manufacturing practises are all positive initiatives. Prioritising the health of the planet and those working in the fashion industry is essential.

So let’s encourage individuals who think it’s inappropriate for guys to wear nail polish to look past outdated gender stereotypes and consider the wider ramifications of their dress choices. Let’s embrace fashion as a form of self-expression and as a chance to have a good impact on the world rather than holding on to rigid conventions.