Josephine Mary, her mellow personality excruciatingly afraid of future full of artificial intelligence, will she able to survive the technology?

Third person’s pov:

It was past mid night, Josephine was sprawled out in her bed her hair visibly tangled even to third person’s eyes, the bag under eyes was evident through her screen’s light scrolling through not so trust worthy facts. Her face etched into wrinkles through certain internet worthy facts. One said, “Certain billionaire came up with a brain chip and it has been approved by the government to make humans as subject’s”. Another one said, ” A particular country has invented an artificial sun to replace the original”. All the information, led to a heavy feeling to her.

Josephine’s pov :

The dimly lit room indicated the bed lamp did its job perfectly, the unfamiliarity of the room made her face etch into frown stepping down from the bed, she turned bewildered to her left at the wooshing sound of the curtains moved to the sides perfectly, letting her look at the view in front of her. A gloomy city etched in greys with the city lights breaking through a thick fog. Worried she ran towards the door opening it. She were in a alien city in her pajama’s with no slippers on the ground, underneath her feet cold and greasy smells heavily like petroleum, she turned around looking at people wearing gas mask. There is a painful screeching noise making her anxiety raise to it’s peak. Looking around she looked at people laughing at her cold sweat leaking from her neck, her hair tangled around, with no absolute air to breathe. She forced her eyes to break open to find herself in her familiar room, mellow rays breaking through her window. At the end it was just a dream.