1. Rajni

    Appreciable writings dear Kanishka Chomwal.Through the reading this review a pessimistic person can turn into an optimistic one. Hoping more from you. Keep it up stay optimistic.

  2. Supraja

    If only all reviews were like yours, I’d have picked this book up a long time ago. It’s one of those books that will always be on my TBR list, even if I’m too much of a coward to actually read it. How can one knowingly go towards heartbreak?

    1. Kanishka Chomwal Post author

      Aw you are too kind, Supraja. But you know, heartbreak is just one of the many experiences. I myself have cried and broke my heart over several books and trust me getting you heart breaken by a book is the best way to do it. I know the struggles of a huge TBR but please pick it up. It’s a real eye-opener to so many aspects of human life.