The waves gushed on her new lavender shoes and drenched her white lacy socks. The black cascade of hair hid her facial expressions, due to the evening winds. Sahil slid the annoying strands of Parijat’s hair behind her ear along with a daisy, which he had kept safe in his pocket, until now. Parijat blushed and filled her eyes with the peachy shades of the setting sun. Sahil held her hand and said, “Parijat why do you love sunsets so much? Why does it feel like beaches are your second home?” Parijat smiled and said, “I have been on the beach since as long as I can remember. And when I say this, I do not mean that I used to take walks or play with ocean waves when I was a little girl. I mean that I used to stay here because my parents abandoned me and left. I do not know where they are or what they look like. And honestly, I have stopped trying to catch a glimpse of every other person who might resemble me, thinking maybe, that person would turn out to be my mom or dad.” Sahil sighed and asked, “Why did you stop trying, love?” She said, “Because I realized that I am just like this sea flowing endlessly before us.” Sahil said, “Yes you most definitely are. You are vulnerable and free spirited just like the high tides on monsoon days. You are soft hearted like the sound of waves. Your character is transparent with a tinge of sarcasm just like the salty turquoise water.”

Parijat’s cheeks were wet with tears when she felt what Sahil had just said. She replied in a heavy tone, “You are right. I am what I am because the ocean taught me to be free and indulge in things which make me happy. It always felt comfortable to cry away the moments of sadness and those of overwhelming happiness because the sea was always salty, be it high tides or low tides.” Sahil stopped walking and looked at Parijat’s red cheeks. He wiped her tears and asked her in a teasing way, “If you feel you are as strong as this sea, why do you want to share your life with me?” Parijat gave a tender laugh and said, “Because eventually the sea hits the dusky, sandy shore. That is what your name means right, Sahil? You are my only home.” Sahil and Parijat gave each other a warm hug before the sun completely set and the moon was bright. They continued to walk home on a starry night becoming each other’s safe place and a home for life.