Suddenly the door burst open and like a gust of fresh breeze ,she entered.It was dark,spooky and uncanny night with cacophonous sounds from the nocturnal animals or rather a night of suspense.Suddenly the lights went off.

   As I went to bring the candles from the store when  hastily she stopped me and took out a lighter from her bag.The clinking sound from her anklets spoke of her feminity.Under the lighter I saw a glimpse of her,a tall girl of wheatish complexion ,her smouldering eyes full of compassion and vigour."Hello its Mira " ,she mumbled.No sooner did she say this than the light appeared.At the spur of the moment ,she appeared to me like a  deity with a halo hovering her head.I was knocked on my heels.

"Balderdash!It is perhaps the craze of these daily soaps that is making me go lunatic"

  When she started to introduce herself then only I realized that she is a human like us.Laughing my lungs out I launched myself into a soliloquy,"Balderdash!It is perhaps the craze of these daily soaps that is making me go lunatic".Breaking the silence of the moment she said that she works in a ngo for women and girl empowerment and she has come here as a part of an investigation team.Earlier I did not understand but as and when she elucidated that the team is inquiring about the mishaps against women like female infanticide,human tarifficking and dowry, that it was etched in my mind.Hearing this I was inquistive and asked whether I could join her.She appreciated my volunteering and I joined the new venture.It was more of a CBI game to me,like I used to play as a child.

"Are these tyrants going to bury money with themselves?"."How much land does a man require? 

Seeing me hale and hearty ,she noted my name in her register.The register was huge like a book of fortune .It was an evidence of the avaricious world who kill their kins just for some money."Are these tyrants going to bury money with themselves?"."How much land does a man require?"This book was a blessing in disguise to the wretched souls who have faced atrocites.Having joined LTS(leadership training service and USM(Universal solidarity movement) during school days.This venture filled me with gusto.It was manifest in my eyes which sparked with zeal.

      The girl and I darted towards our goal.As we were moving down the   street she narrated me her story which drived her into this occupation.She said that she belonged to a very poor family.To meet both the ends ,her mother used to work as a maid in some house over here.Her father was a tyrant ,she strangled her mother when she was born.He wished for a son as everybody in this world wants.When she was 3 years of age,he tried to kill her mother and her but they absconded and went far away to Delhi at her maternal's place .From then on she decided that she won't spare the misogynists and  eliminate the orthodox malady.

   She worked hard day and night and got admission in the prestigious Delhi Public School ,Rk puram.Hitting the bulls eye she graduated from SRCC delhi university and got associated with an NGO.But destiny had something else in store for her,she was to return to that place from she started.She got this project after working hard day and night and she was not to lose it so she acceded to it .Now she is here in her birthplace,Nainital.

    Her story moved me to tears and I lauded her audacity .Then we moved from one house to another and recorded their statements.Till now nothing obnoxious was to be heard.We were exhausted and famished ,so I took her to my house for lunch and there we had a gala time with all of my  siblings jabbering about their school and friends. We showed her our childhood albums and for the time being all of us were transported to the kindergarten days. As we were turning the chapters of our childhood when suddenly a picture caught the sight of Meera.Aghast and dumbstruck she was.She pointed out that the lady in the picture was her mother and that it was she with her.

                            All of us were astounded to hear that, when I asked my mother about the snap,she reciprocated that the lady used to work at our house 21 years back and that the infant was her daughter .We were off one's rocker but exulted on meeting the old lost comrade.I was on cloud nine ,that we renconciled.I hugged her and we shared talks."When fate decides upon something ,it creates situations to fulfill it and through this incident I got my  chum back".It was a cherry on the cake when I came to know it was friends day .

                                          Till now whenever I think of that day I am filled with nostalgia.After the investigation Meera went back bidding us adieu.Now she is in America doing well in her stream.She has often been felicitated by the government there.Her dream is to get recruited in WHO and return lost smiles to the impoverished.Often I hear from her ,her courage ,selfless service fills me with motivation and adulation and left me saying that "Its the will power that can take you to heights not gender""Is hardwork biased?"In India its ironical that a women is treated as goddess. Respect women and you will be renumerated from  god and you will flourish.