The story is about a small town girl Vividha who was very sensitive to her surrounding and she saw everything with her perspective and she didn’t let overpower her thought by others’ point of views .

She had a family with whom she loved a lot .Once her mother got ill and her mother  had to admit into an  ICU but due to lack of good doctors and commercialization of medicine, her family had to suffer and finally they have to go out of town .And with the God grace her mother’s  life was saved and Vividha got her life and hope.

But she could feel the pain and developed an empathetic heart within herself.

So,she opted for a medical carrier .And when she achieved a stature in her profession .Then she decided to live the reasons with which she could feel alive that was to open a clinic in her hometown where there were many people like her who need her help .

So,she moved and was living her life with a reason.

And she never forgot that dream or that lamp shade which put the seed of an empathetic heart into her .



Vividha was going to see her parents.It was a long time she didn’t meet with them as she was studying and pursuing MBBS degree.And finally, she got a chance to refresh by visiting her home as her college was closed for festival Durga Puja.

She felt elated and packed her luggage in an hour and booked her ticket for the morning journey.

In the whole night, she didn’t sleep but she was thinking about her home and childhood.

When she was a child while playing one day it was darkening and suddenly she saw the street light that was in the corner of that field .

She gazed it continuously until she was called by one of her friends and when she returned home, she asked her mother a question, mom who was the magician who left his magic lamp in the field and if he had to left it he should have left  in that corner where there is no light.Hearing her innocence wish , everybody laughed..But later it became her habit to find true reasons for her queries .

In one night she found herself  sitting on a rock in that field under that lamp  .Suddenly she felt that it is raining .She tried to hide herself & desperately searching for any shade .She saw a streak of colourful lights arching in the sky Then she cornered the bushes and cleared the distractions between her and that band of light .

She saw the open sky  amazingly that field stretched  into a deserted area  and  sky’s  horizon landed on the deserted field .Then she moved forward and found herself on a mountain and she could see the valley below it .She saw an deserted  town , somehow she found the way to get down .And she was amid the relics of a town.She moved forward and entered some houses .

She found there were no life .Then she saw a home it resembled like her home.She entered and found each & everything of house rusted & ragged .

Suddenly she saw a mirror and as she gazed into it  .She saw her eyes and her surprise got  no limits as she found it has same color as she saw the streak of colors in the sky .

She got scared and she took some steps  back .And then she found herself  on the table .She could not believe ..was she was dreaming .Or it was real .Then she heard her mother voice,  calling  her to have food .

She was confirmed she was dreaming .While thinking about it, she saw the open novel lying on the table which she found this in his father’s book of collection and she got in her dreams while reading it .

It might be a way that her wish slipped into her dreams and find an expression  .

She tried to analyze her dreams that deserted  town could be my city if nobody would take any  step , with this thought she terrified .As she was a sensitive child and she observed everything minutely .

And  she has seen the ill treat of doctors with natives and also faced  the lack of  right treatment. As her mother got ill and she had to admit in ICU but later they had to go to big city  and finally her mother life was saved . But she had felt that pain and that fear to lose her  mother  who was everything for her.

So, she decided to opt for this career.

She was on the way and her thought journey had to take a break when she heard the tumult of nearby people and tea & food vendors. Finally,she was on the station of her hometown and saw the same familiar ravaged barricades and the same familiar crowd .In the crowd, she heard her name and yes ,her whole family came to meet her.

She and her family got overwhelmed to see one another and then her mother told her brother to call auto.She came home and meet her grandparents,she felt as if she was on the cloud. She brought gifts for everyone and everyone felt elated .Then after  this get-together she went to her room to sleep .

In the evening,she got up and her mother served her tea . Everyone was chatting and giggling and to see them happy, it was beyond her words ,how she was feeling. Then she told her mother that she was going to meet her friends . As she was on her way as she saw that street lantern in that field and she went in her deep thought.

After meeting her friends she returned her home and she saw the same darkness with which she was acquainted from her childhood.Then she decided something and went to her home .

Her holidays came to an end and she returned to her college.Years passed away and she became an heart surgeon  and she also earned a reputation in her hospital then she decided to continue her job in her hometown .And so,she decided to leave her job and to start her work in her hometown but everybody was against her decision even her family but her mother knew her intention and motivation behind this decision.

So.she supported her and finally she came and run her clinic in her hometown and earned well but much more than that she got relieved as she found that reason to live with it.And whenever she used to see that lamp shade it brought a smile on her face .As  Its faint light penetrated  into  her thought and forced to think differently .

Yes ,it is not practical as well as not wise  to do things differently. Especially when it does not look cool or sound attractive but think  if everybody starts to think like her .

Then what will happen .

That’s why it is not easy to be simple rather than it is a complex process.


Driving all our emotions to paint the life with right colour is difficult

Coming Out the trap of false relations and finding true one  is difficult

Gazing the world through your eye without any anticipation is tough

Learning the new craft without overpowering effect of the previous one is tough

Gauging anyone one the basis of scale of world that he/she is right and wrong is tedious

Defining the true meaning of success in today’s world is tedious.

Even Breathing fresh air is also difficult.


But it is the life in the form of an ocean  where we have to dive  into it even though there is a stormy or a silent night only in the hope of finding our island and also in the hope of sunrise.