A girl’s unsaid thoughts about a riveting stranger.


Your eyes. When I saw you for the first time I had never thought that you would dig a path that led right to the centre of my heart. Yet, that is exactly what you did. With your eyes.

You were even more insignificant than a stranger, those days. But you are an adamant one, aren’t you. Slowly and steadily, you paved your way into my being, and there you will remain until my last breath. All this you did through those eyes- by constantly tempting my eyes to join yours in the giddy dance of teenage infatuation.

The enchanting skill with which you enticed me made it obvious that you have played this game and danced this dance several times before. You saw that I was a tough nut to crack. You liked that, didn’t you? Didn’t that only sharpen your determination? You knew that I did not allow myself to be charmed by your advances, no matter how you tempted me. Most others would have given up. But not you.

Your eyes prodded on. Knocking ceaselessly on the door of my heart, determined to wake me up from my blissful slumber. Your perseverance and your patience paid off. I looked at you, even if it was with suspicion. I don’t know how you did it, but you made sure that my gaze rested on you. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and as time passed I realized I was hooked. You were like my first intoxicating drink. I had a sip and liked it. I had a gulp and I was excited.  I drank some more, but my thirst increased. I drank even more, and before I knew it, I was addicted. To you.

Flirting with the eyes. That’s what we did. I knew nothing about you. I didn’t even know your name. But I knew you well. Even if there were a thousand others, I could pick you out from the crowd.

I knew nothing about you but your eyes were the windows to your soul. Your eyes revealed to me that you were playful, but deep. You were jealous, but kind. You were a hard worker, but you could enjoy yourself while at work.

Your eyes told me that you were captivated by me, just as much I was captivated by you. They also revealed to me that even as you dreamt, you were never blind to reality. You knew, as much as I did, that this could go no further. Perhaps in another dimension, you and I may recognize one another and even resume what we have put on hold. But not in this world. You and I are products of a society that must be obeyed. No, neither you or I, are heroic enough to let go of the people and the world that loved us, and throw it all for the affection of one person. It sounds wonderful, but you and I would never take that step.

You never uttered a word, but your eyes conveyed to me that though there are vibes as magical as electricity when you and I are together, we cannot get what we want. Not this time, atleast. I never uttered a word, but you know that I have agreed to everything you said.

I know that when you went away, it was in accordance to our mutual unspoken agreement. And I respect you for it. But when I go to the place where we used to meet, I sigh. My eyes look for its companions, but the frantic search is always vain.

You may have gone away forever. But the inexplicable feelings you stirred in my soul will remain forever.