“You win some and you lose some”, we all have heard this atleast once in our lives but Aashna experienced it first hand when she lost a close friendship but found self respect. Aashna is a college student, friendly to all and loved by everyone. However, she has a pinch of introversion, and this makes her choose her close friends very cautiously. There’s this thing about introverts. Firstly, they are not “boring”. Secondly, they don’t “talk-less”. It’s just that introverts have their own way of things, they make a few close friends who they confide in and these close friends can tell you just how chatty these introverts are. Although, in her college life, she has been a good friend to all, ready to help whenever required, and assisting whenever asked for, but she has always been very selective in choosing her close crew. But mind you, these chosen ones get all the loyalty, trust, love, and care one can get in a friendship. Aashna was lucky enough to get a few people she trusted and enjoyed with. They all shared their sorrows, struggles, and achievements with each other and enjoyed watching anime, dancing together and much more. But one day something happened that put Aashna in a position to pick a side. On one hand was friendship and on the other, self respect. You see, the one who puts in efforts in a relationship will eventually expect the same from their partner. Not just romantic, but this two-way participation is required in any relationship including family or friends. Rohan, one of Aashna’s close friends, had to give one such test of his friendship. Rohan, who has been with Aashna through the tough and fun times, but when he had to choose between her and his other gang, he without a doubt, chose them. While there isn’t a problem with having fun with your friends, Aashna knew it, she understood it, but the problem arised when Rohan sided her out and didn’t keep his contact with her. Aashna kept her cool for a while, but when the events of ignorance repeated itself again and again, she knew she had to withdraw to keep herself away from the constant pain and humiliation. “I was waiting for you every day. Each day I was holding on to the hope that you will contact me, that maybe today you’ll discuss things out. But you didn’t”, Aashna expressed her sadness. “I am sorry. I really am. They made me choose sides. They weren’t understanding my situation and I didn’t wanna lose them”, Rohan exclaimed. “They weren’t able to understand you yet you chose them, and now you want me to understand you even though you cut me off?” You see, Aashna has always been understanding, cooperative and have supported Rohan whenever it was required. But when the same person isn’t respecting your value, is sidelining you, avoiding you, without a reason, without a say in the matter; that is when Aashna understood that the connection has been cut from his side. Always remember that the one who values you will never make you feel the way Aashna felt. The one, who values you will never let you be in the dark, will never let you feel like you are lost, will never let you feel unanswered, or ignored. Aashna could’ve given him another chance, like she’s been giving to all those people who behaved the same way before, but this time she realised that she has to do better for herself. The commitment of friendship is such a simple one. You talk, you communicate, you share, you care, and you never ignore. If such simple actions cannot be shown with sincerety, then it’s not a friendship. “I am saying I am sorry. I do regret my decision. I wasn’t thinking straight. I know I did wrong, but please give me one chance. I’ll make it right this time”, pleaded Rohan. This apology meant nothing to Aashna as it only emphasized more that the decision to side with others and side-line Aashna was a conscious decision of Rohan. It wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t a misunderstanding. It was a choice. It was then that Aashna knew that if it happened once, it can happen again. She decided then and there that she wanted to change herself for the better, that it was time she chose herself, her self respect, and her mental peace. She did not create chaos, she did not argue, she simply explained her decision to Rohan to end their friendship. She wished him the best, she wished him luck for the future and told him that she wants to start choosing herself in her life and that start has begun. So even though that day, Aashna lost a once cherished friend, but she won something much greater and that was the ability of choosing and respecting herself.