Akhil, a charming little boy was walking down the lane thinking; his thoughts wandered upon how his future would be after he looked at a couple on the way. His smile resembled a crescent moon and his eyes sparkled as he was thinking of being very successful, marrying the love of his life and making his parents proud. As he grew up, these thoughts revolved around his everyday life; working on his education, skill building and his passion towards painting. His routine was now to complete the lessons as soon as he came back from school and paint after his work. He got into one of the IITs which is the highest Engineering Universities of India. There he found a great friend group, in which he found his best friend. studying together, hanging out often, going on trips grew their bond stronger and stronger. He eventually realised in this process that he is attracted to his best friend who saw him as a true friend but nothing else. They left on a break for one month, he couldn’t be in touch with any of his friends. He missed his best friend so much but couldn’t contact him. To his happiness the break is now over and they are back to their college. He met his best friend and was unexplainably happy. Little did he know that his best friend developed feelings towards him in the break and as many times he thought of expressing his feelings he couldn’t do it. Their second year was done with all his confusions and hesitations which accompanied their study routine. It is again this tough time of leaving his best friend and going home, both of them left in a great pain. As soon as he went home he told his parents about his love towards his best friend and unexpectedly they were really happy and supportive. He was very happy and picked up the phone to tell his best friend about his feelings but to his surprise came his best friend’s call which brought his best friend’s proposal and Akhil was told about his parents accepting him falling in love. Akhil told his best friend that exactly the same happened at his home, both were very happy about their love and their families. Next morning when Akhil’s mom was sweeping, she found his school days’ paintings where all the paintings depicted different yet same themes, they were all gay love stories. His mom, dad and even he didn’t know that they were all alike. She took the paintings to her son and she was shocked to know that the best friend he was referring to is a guy, Akash. His mother couldn’t take the fact that her loving son is a gay, she told it to her husband who couldn’t utter a word but sat on a chair silently. Meanwhile Akash’s parents who were shocked earlier, accepted that their son was gay. After all you never know the way love works. Meanwhile, Akhil’s mother started to cook and he could hear her gasping and crying, she cooked and served the food. Within no time Akhil started to bleed from his mouth and died in seconds followed by his dad and mom. Neither him nor his dad knew that his mom had mixed poison in the tasty food she made. After all you never know what an Indian family actually is.