The story is about a social worker Prerna. She was unaware of the hidden truth in her family, which will be revealed to the people at the end.


Mrs. Prerna Chatterjee is a famous social worker. She started working when she reaches the age of 40. Her sons and daughters got married earlier and her husband is a businessman. Mrs. Prerna would also speak about women education and women empowerment. She always said that girl child should be educated and they should set career goals. Women should work hard to reach their ambitions. Mrs. Prerna always insists women to take part in social services even though they are a home maker. According to her every women should work and they should not depend on anyone.

Even youngsters would like to listen to her speeches. She is not a conservative women and that’s why the youngsters would accept her suggestions. She would always feel happy about her popularity among the people.

Mrs. Prerna has been invited as a chief guest for a public event.  She has the plan to speak about working women. At the end of the speech she has to interact with the journalist. The event organizer had arranged for a press conference.

This was her 100th public event. Mrs. Prerna wants to go to the event with her entire family. But it was not possible because her husband and sons were busy in their work. So she was accompanied by her daughter in-laws. As soon as the event got over Mrs. Prerna gave a wonderful speech about women and the issues faced by the working women.

She said that men in every family should help the working women as they won’t get much time to spend for themselves. The people who are all gathered were inspired by her speech.

At the end of her speech the journalist started asking question about women issues. Everything was going fine till the journalist started questioning her daughter in-laws.

Journalist: madam, can you please introduce your family to us?

Mrs. Prerna: sure, then she started introducing her daughter in-laws to the press people.

Journalist: Madam, with your permission can we ask few questions to your daughter in-laws?

Mrs. Prerna: yes, you can ask.

Journalist: what do you think about Prerna ji’s achievement?

Daughter in-laws: we are proud about our mom and she has treated us like a queen.

Journalist: that’s nice. Can we know more about you?

Daughter in-laws: we both are twin sisters and we have completed our graduation in social science.

Journalist: what do you think about women empowerment?

Daughter in-laws: hmm. They couldn’t tell anything. So they just repeated the words said by Mrs. Prerna.

Journalist: The journalists were shocked on knowing the truth that they don’t know anything about women empowerment.

A Week Later

The life of the famous social worker Mrs. Prerna Chatterjee has been changed. She couldn’t face the people now. Her daughter in-laws have been arrested. They have fake degrees and they didn’t work anywhere. They are not a graduate but they have completed only school education. The journalist got suspicious about them during the press conference. Secret operation has been carried out by a group of journalist and they got enough evidence against them. So they have taken this issue to the police department. They have been arrested for giving bribe to get the fake degrees. Unfortunately Mrs. Prerna couldn’t find this truth before her sons got married to the twin sisters.

Mrs. Prerna quit her job as a social worker. She thought that she is not the right person to give speeches about women education because she couldn’t do anything with her own daughter in-laws. Yes, sometimes we would fail to notice the truth in our life.