Old-school romance has become another aesthetic for this generation, but I believe there are some people with young minds and old hearts searching for another person to pour their love into. One such boy has a story to tell. 

He prefers to keep his name anonymous and we do respect his privacy. Let’s dive into this young man’s story right away – So I was looking for a girl in college to date to have my Bollywood dream come true and have the girl of my dreams. I’m not gonna lie but I looked for many girls and none of them had the spark to lighten my heart. Then I saw this girl in a yellow jacket in my class for the first time and nudged my friend beside me, “Who is she?” 

She was the new girl in my class and I knew right away that she had the spark I was looking for but I did not have enough guts to talk to her. As any other guy of Gen-Z would do, I researched her and came up with all her likes and dislikes. I would say hello and she would just smile and move on. One day I mustered up enough courage to ask her out ‘casually’ for a cup of chai, to which she replied,” Why? Aren’t your friends around?”. And that’s how we started talking. We would go out for a walk in the evening and she would talk for hours. I asked her if she liked me and she said a clear no. I was taken aback for a while but didn’t stop making an effort. I knew I had to win her over. She liked reading books and she was new to the city so I took her to the oldest bookstore in the city to get her the book she was looking for. The happiness on her face was all I could ever ask for. I asked her if this was a date and she being herself replied sarcastically, “Of course, this is a non-date.” 

At this point, I knew I was madly in love with her. I do not know if she loves me or not, I just hope she does. I’m thinking of confessing my feelings to her soon. Will she say a Yes? She has already said No once.