Today was the 10th Delhi Queer Pride and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. Being the socially awkward person I am, I did feel uncertain being amidst so many strangers- a community at that. But, love was actually in the air. Quite literally. The waving rainbow flags and the colorful balloons and the quirky banners made me believe in love all over again. I was still my awkward self but I did manage a few smiles here and there. Amidst all the slogan shouting, a girl might just have tried to ask me out but I was obviously legendarily oblivious. She told me she like my sweatshirt. All it said was ‘Angry nerd’ with a face on it. It was a black sweatshirt and I actually believed her. The entire metro ride back was spent in the dilemma whether it was a genuine compliment or I just unknowingly turned a cute girl down.

Anyway, my heart hasn’t felt lighter than it did there. My hopes haven’t soared higher than it did there. My voice hasn’t echoed louder than it did there. I believed in my presence there. I had faith in every slogan I screamed there. I felt like I belonged there. Of course I made videos and posted several pictures. I just wanted to share it with people. Share the unending “satrangi” love. Many liked. Some shared. In the midst of so much love and support, I forgot about the haters.

I had a few comments on pictures stating it wasn’t natural. Well-wishers were sending me messages to explain how queer is just a condition. Well, if queer is a condition then “straight” is also a condition. They are just two sides to the same coin. You cannot justify being straight by shunning the queer community. The problem lies in the fact that heterosexuality does not need any justification. Why though? The word “hetero” itself means different. Why doesn’t different require justification then? Homophobia is not justified. Transphobia is not justified. 

They talk about sins and sinners. How is loving someone a sin? People spread hatred just because they do not want someone else loving the person they want. How does it make any sense? 

Love is love. Why is it wrong? A gay couple adopting a child who otherwise wouldn’t have ever had a normal childhood, a home, a family, parents and most importantly, love. Why is that wrong?

I will tell you what- it is not wrong! Love is not wrong. Pride is not wrong. It is not a condition or a phase or any mental illness. It is very human and very natural. It is how a person was born. You do not choose to be queer, you were just born that way. And if you are not queer, then just let the others be. Maybe you do not understand queer, well then don’t. You live and let them live. Why is that so wrong?

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