Life has forever been a turbulent voyage, yet its tempests do not extinguish the flame of hope. With this unwavering belief, Mahi continued her sojourn. She traversed the uncharted paths, a solitary traveler in search of happiness. Her hopes, indomitable, refused to shatter. Although life’s misfortunes compounded, she clung to the conviction that brighter days awaited, even as darkness deepened. Ultimately, she discovered the elusive abode of genuine bliss. Let us accompany her on this odyssey, to unearth where true happiness truly resides.

As the clock struck seven in the morning, the sun’s radiant beams caressed Mahi’s visage. She shifted her position, veiling herself momentarily from its luminous gaze. Shortly after, her alarm chimed, and she pressed the snooze button, realizing that sleep would evade her after such commotion. She recited religious verses, drawing a tranquil breath to release the accumulated frustration triggered by the alarm. Opening her eyes, she beheld her humble abode, with a small but beautiful garden adorning the outside. Illuminated by the morning light, the plants within her room appeared pristine. This sight brought immense joy to Mahi’s heart. Before she could rise from her bed, her mother’s voice echoed from outside, “Will our queen rise on this day?” Her mother had a habit of forcefully knocking on the door, a sound that Mahi detested. With haste, she sprinted to open the door, unwilling to endure the noise. Her mother scolded her upon seeing her disheveled hair, pondering how the day could possibly be good with such untamed locks. Could a pleasant day unfold under such circumstances? But what can one do? Life’s essence lies in living it. Mahi sought tranquility and found solace in the quietest place of her dwelling—the “toilet.” Spending a few moments there, she flushed away the negativity that had burdened her mood.

Mahi ventured into the kitchen, performing her morning rituals before settling down to savor a cup of tea. As she indulged in her tea, memories of last night’s argument with her brother resurfaced. Anxious that her brother’s day might be ruined, she swiftly penned him sweet messages, wishing to mend their bond. Once ready, she set off for the office, a cherished place where she accomplished the workload of four individuals, compensated by meager remuneration. Nonetheless, she relished the slightest token of appreciation, contented in the knowledge that her skills were recognized. It wasn’t that Mahi was unaware of being exploited; she simply found contentment in witnessing her own growth, and appreciation was the elixir for which she thrived. It did drain her energy, though, especially when burdened with excessive tasks, causing her to yearn for her best friend’s comforting presence. But whenever Mahi called, her friend always seemed preoccupied, a different story altogether. Nevertheless, her best friend would reach out to Mahi during work hours, requesting her assistance, and Mahi, forsaking her own tasks, would diligently fulfill her friend’s needs.

Upon returning home in the evening, Mahi pursued her passions, be it writing, drawing, or engaging in culinary endeavors within the kitchen. Her entire day revolved around the bustling chores, ensuring everyone’s tasks were accomplished to perfection, and that they, in turn, would acknowledge her efforts with heartfelt appreciation. Mahi lived for these expressions of gratitude. Before retiring for the night, she stood before the mirror, tearfully observing her reflection. In that vulnerable moment, Mahi would offer solace to herself, appreciating her own strength. It is in this act of self-compassion that true

happiness lies. Friends, irrespective of the number of companions and loved ones we have in our lives, we must always remember that we ought to be our own foremost and unwavering advocates. If we cannot support ourselves, then who shall?