Life is a complicated journey filled with lots of twists and turns, which take us to the unexpected paths that shape who we are and what we become. A teenage girl who never believed in relationships. It was so difficult for her to believe any boy around her. Her fear was so deep that she never talked to a boy till her high school. she belonged to a well-cultured and respected family. Her parents were so proud of her as she topped in her high school. Now she is ready for her further studies and took admission to a junior college.

Everything was going great, but this was the time when her life was taking a turn. She met a guy in a debate competition. It was like everything changed after meeting him. The friendship grew stronger and that boy became an important part of her life. She also got so attached to him that she used to find excuses to meet him. She could not understand what was happening to her. Sometimes it becomes so difficult for us to understand ourselves that we can not control ourselves. Her heart knew that she is in love but her mind didn’t want to accept that. For a girl her parent’s respect is everything and she even agrees to leave her dreams and true love for her family.

Destiny is so uncertain that no matter how much we avoid things but it again and again comes in front of us and we have to face it. Finally, she confessed her feeling to him. She was scared but she believed him that he will do everything right. But after some time in their relationship, her parents got to know about them and they were disappointed. After that, she lost all her trust in her parents and was even restricted to use her phone. But their bond was beyond these boundaries. They stayed stronger and face every challenge they come across.

For Indian teenage girls, it is so difficult to confess her feeling or even to understand it, she carries the baggage of her parent’s pride and social respect and everything. This is the fear of 2 out of 3 girls who live with typical Indian families. This is the message to those Indian girls who even fear loving someone because of their family’s respect, DO WHAT YOU FEEL RIGHT, it’s your life and you have the right to decide what you want to do.