Lin was a beautiful puppy which Liza got on her birthday from her lover. Liza brought this wet nosed angel when it was just 15 days old. That day she carried the pup home, in her hoodie’s inner pocket to keep her warm. She was a pure white furry pedigree and was as much naughty as she was cuddly. Liza was too fond of Lin and she use to take care of her just like she would care for her own kids. The love was reciprocated equally as if both were made for each other.

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That lover of her’s left for good, soon after. She was clear in her head that he wouldn’t return ever again. But Lin surely came to stay with her for long. Liza ofcourse had an adorable little pup to love, but after her boyfriend left her devastated, even this precious gift seemed more like a liability to her. Initially Lin was just a part of her bitter memories, or at times, a brittle hope of somehow establishing a contact with her then ex boyfriend. Later, Liza totally lost interest in the puppy and let her live along like an olf forgotten toy.

One day Lin bit Liza while trying to get her attention, for which Liza punished her. Time went by and both lin and liza found new distractions and forgot about their beautiful bond.

On a cold november night, while walking back to home, Liza was stopped by four drunk boys in the street next to her home. Lin had smelled Liza 15 minutes from her home distance and was already waiting for her. It was a busy street in the day time but a Chilling winter night was usually calm and aloof. People shrunk in their cozy abodes by 7 pm and streets were inhibited by dead silence. Liza tried to evade her perpetrators but she was caught by one of them. In trying to dodge him, she fell on the ground hurting herself. Finding her week, he wrapped his hand around her mouth, so that she would not raise an alarm.

On the other side of the street Lin already smelled Liza’s fear and was getting anxious for her safety. While they thought, kidnapping liza on a lonely night would be a piece of a cake. They had no idea that liza was never lonely, she had Lin by her side, all the time. Anxious, she squeezed her sleek body out of the dog escape and then through the 6 inches space at the sides of the main entrance door.

From there, seeing liza with strangers, she ran to her rescue as fast as she could. They laughted at the size of the dog which was there as the only help available to Liza. Lin made a lot of barking noise but wasn’t able to scare the muscular boys. Next what she did was commendable, she howled like a fierce woolf. It was a dangerous howl but from a teacup pomeranian, it sounded nothing more than cute puppy bark. But when her howl was followed by another dog and then the others too joined in the tables turned. Lin kept on barking and all these noises created a lot of disturbance. This intiation of howl had attracted neighbor’s pets. The boys left liza and ran away, as soon as people woke up and came out of their homes to control the sudden excitement of their pets. Liza was safe and she was so full of emotions, she had no words for her beloved dog.

Liza dropped her bag and fell on her knees. She wrapped her arms around lin and hugged her with whole of her heart, showing her gratitude to her. Cherishing her relationship, she started understanding the importance of lin in her life. She always loved her cute dog but all she needed was to understand how Lin is much more than her ex’s gift.

It has been 5 years since then and lin and liza don’t eat without one another, for a single day. Liza returns home on time, not because she is afraid of bad people but because she doesn’t want Lin to wait for her for long. She now know that cherishing the one you have, is far better then hating the one’s who are gone.