I woke up, but … where was I? I searched in my mind for all the possible places I could be, but … no. I did not know where I was. The only thing I could see were two passageways, or I should say two tunnels in front of me. One larger than the other but I could fit inside both. Which one should I take? Which one? I kept asking myself perhaps two or three times. Then I looked down and saw my shadow, how does a shadow form without light? I looked back and saw my own salvation. It was a torchlight. It was flickering, but after a few seconds, it got extinguished.

I took out my handkerchief from my pocket and wrapped around the torch. I only had one match, but nothing to strike it with, and I knew it would not work I tried to light it wi with my body as you see in cartoons, so I began to think. Seconds, minutes hours passed before I realized I could try and light up the match rubbing it against the wall, but it was the most stupid thing I could have done in my whole life since I broke the match. Then I decided I should start crossing one of the tunnels.

I chose the one on the left, just because I was left-handed: and I started to walk. It was not so bad, just had to walk carefully. After a while, I felt more relieved when I heard a funny, strong growling followed by a barking that only I could recognize. It was definitely Toffee. I began to walk faster as Toffee began to bark louder, but no matter how I searched, could not find it. I was so desperate to find it. I was so desperate to find it that I started running from one side to the other, which led me to bump against the wall and pass out.

When I woke up I was in a very different place, but once again was I? All I could see around were some sort of pear trees and insects and very beautiful aspects of nature. I was tied in a Joan ofArc style with wood all around me, all prepared to be burnt. I tried to free myself, but I could not. Suddenly I heard a drum, then some shouts, like those of cannibals. I began to get alerted and worse, afraid. I tried to calm myself but a big, loud, desperate scream behind me broke the peace I had gained and gave me the worst fright I ever had. My nerves collapsed and I passed out, again.

For the third time I woke up, but this time I did recognize is the place. I was home, but I felt strange, like a ghost. I could fly, but I felt no one was home. I went upstairs .. or I should say “flew” upstairs. No one was there. Then I went to Mommy’s room. I saw a note that really calmed me:

Dear son,

Sorry I had to go to your uncle’s house urgently.

Will be back by ten.

Go to bed early and do not fight with Toby.


Your Mom

All I can remember after that is that I “flew” to my room. Toby was reading my diary … again. This time I got really angry, so I took my Virtual Reality Helmet off, paid my ticket, and went home to hit him.