The story deals with the positive thoughts and positive minds of a people and how vibes are created with our thoughts.


A smile was always the companion of the ever lovely Nitu on all his ways. Nitu’s home has always been gifted with happiness as his smile was the drug to everyone at home. He was a blessing from the almighty to his parents for their love life. Anee, Nitu’s mom, often felt that Tommy has forgotten to bark at visitors ever since Nitu’s birth for it would disturb the smile on Nitu’s lips. For Nitu’s 10th birthday celebration, his maternal uncle returned with his family after a five years on-site project at Toronto. Being the charming hero of everyone, Nitu would be gifted with the best moments on all his birthdays. The home was all set for the celebration, adding to which the breeze through the windows kissed the sleeping face of Nitu as showing their birthday wishes.

Just like a normal day, Anee came and woke Nitu up as the clock stroked six in the morning. Nitu gave a smile and warm hug to Anee for her birthday wishes. Soon they were set for the early morning conversation and Nitu was so excited to know the return of his uncle and Rachu who meant everything to Nitu as his elder brother. In few minutes, Nitu’s excitement got distracted with the poetic picturesque of the sunrise through the windows. He took a break from his mom and sat down with his dairy to pen down the vibrant feel the nature was gifting him to begin blasting his special day.

After penning down his feelings, he went down to the drawing room to get the blessings of everyone for his birthday and felt overwhelmed with those surprises. He spent a while on chit-chat with his family over the morning tea. After an hour, Nitu went out to the lake for fishing along with Rachu.

On their way, they shared their so called secrets and got bestowed with fun all way. They had splendid time together at the lake forgetting their time to return back.

Their beautiful time got distracted when an old man came and sat beside them for fishing and started murmuring his old favorite songs that would make him get flashed about the memories of his lost love of life.

With the old man singing, Rachu got irritated as he felt his songs to be mourning on such a lovely morning. Rachu with a smile on his lips pleaded the old man to stop those mourning songs. The old man to be pitied about the loss of his love, got on to the verge of losing his temper and started shouting at the young boys. “You stupid! You are asking me to stop… how dare? Leave now insane! Better don’t spoil my day”. Being addressed as insane and stupid, Rachu soon created a chaos over there and both were on hyper mode to fight with words. Seeing the situation getting worsen, Nitu convinced his brother to leave and apologized to the old man on behalf of Rachu.
On their way back, Nitu did everything to make Rachu feel good to enjoy the celebration at home. After a lovely walk with the nature, they returned home and spent the entire day with family on celebrating Nitu’s birthday. After the evening snacks, the family stepped out towards the hill to end the celebrations with the campfire in the night staring at the stars. The family enjoyed each and every moment of the day as they were craving memories to cherish in the future. After a tiresome of fun, they settled down to enjoy Aloo Parantha, which Anee had prepared and took along with them for their dinner.

Their fun mode got vanished as soon as they received a call informing them that Nitu’s Cha-cha met with a minor accident and has been hospitalized. Since it was not the perfect time to trek back, they decided to do their prayers and leave as soon as the dawn sets their way back. On hearing positive words as a prayer over their wish for a speedy recovery of Nitu’s Cha-cha, Rachu laughed and mocked at them. “How can your simple words just cure him when you are not present there to take care of him when he needs you? They are just words of a language that gives you a myth that they will have an effect as an action but they don’t in reality.”

Everyone lost their patience in explaining on how positive vibes created by positive thoughts and words do miracles in life.

Rachu was on no mood to listen to them and was enjoying his mockery at them.

Nitu smiled and came closer to Rachu, “ Bhaiya, when these words can’t cure Cha-cha being just few arrangements of letters of an language and not any medicines, why did you get into anger when you have been shouted at as ‘Insane or stupid’ by the old man in the morning? Even they are just arrangements of alphabets and those words can’t make you a stupid or go insane in reality.” On hearing this, Rachu felt into the silence adding to the deathly silence of the night.

Rachu didn’t utter a single word anymore was quiet till they reached back to check on Cha-cha in the morning. Rachu felt the vibrant powers of words on knowing that Cha-cha was showing a speedy recovery and soon he would be perfectly well to enjoy the vacation.