There lived a washerman named Karpoorpatak in Gujarat. He had a donkey which carried loads of clothes for him, and a dog which guarded his house at night. One night the washerman and his wife were sleeping comfortably when a thief burgled their house. The dog and the donkey both were fastened by a chain to a stake in the courtyard. As soon as the donkey noticed the thief  breaking into the house, he said ,”Look ,friend! A thief is burgling the house of our master .”  “So what !” said the dog indifferently. “Fool ! Start barking loudly and wake up our master so that  he  could save his belongings from being stolen,” said the donkey angrily, ” now do you think it is my duty to explain to you your responsibilities? Why has the master kept you as his pet? Why  has the master kept you as his pet? Why do you think does the master feed you bread and milk everyday?”

     ”  Brother, donkey! Please don’t concern yourself about my responsibilities ,” said the dog ,” it is not proper to interfere unnecessarily and bully someone. Are you not aware how I got the House of my master day and night and how ungrateful my master is he has become so careless about me now that he does not doesn’t even give me food in time I have decided that I shall not perform my duties until my master has has stood some laws and that is just because he doesn’t care for me he considers me I’m a burden because he hasn’t borne any loss for a long time .Someone has a correctly said that the master doesn’t give a servants due unless he himself lands into some kind of problem.” 

The dog ‘ s argument irritated the donkey .He  said , ” O  ungrateful one ! Listen ! A servant , who , puts up his demand before his master in the time of need,  is never considered loyal. You are contemplating your own profits and losses when our master is going into to land into trouble .” Then the donkey said again with bloodshot eyes ,” All right! You may  shirk your duties and responsibilities,. but I am not one who would remain a silent spectator at such a crisis.  I am going to awaken my master,” and saying this the donkey began braying loudly. The harsh sound produced by the donkey disturbed the sleep  of the washerman. He became very angry. He came out with a staff in his hand and began beating the donkey mercilessly . He beat  the donkey so much that his staff broke and  the donkey also died. Having narrated the story Karatak said, “Brother! This is the reason why I say that one must not act in haste and without thinking. It’s not advisable to interfere with others. Our duty lies in serving our king. We search for a prey and assuages his hunger first; and what we get is only in the form of leftovers.That’s all .Here lies our limit.”

“Anyway,”  said  Damanak, “Let us go and attend our king ; let’s see what borders him ,”saying this Damanak  went to the den of the lion and prostrated himself before him. Seeing Damanak the lion said  very affectionately, ” Why Damanak ! Where have you been all these day ?  “My Lord ! You are king of this forest. We  are very ordinary creatures .You hardly needed us. You seldom remember us, but we always remember you .” “No, no, Damandak ! You are son of our minister. How can I forget you? I have engaged you as my attendant for the only reason that you are son of my minister.” You have been our benefactor for generations together. I cannot thank you enough   for all that you have done for us. We always look for an opportunity to find favour in your eyes.”  “Yes, I agree with what you say,”  said the lion. The lion was indeed impressed. He  said, ” Minster, You are really very scholarly. What you say gives me a ray of hope. A minister like you should always remain with me.”

“What you say  is correct, my lord. A king and his minister should never part with each other .But I would like to ask you a question if it doesn’t bother you.” “Yes ,yes ,do you ask,”   said the lion. “Lord ! You had gone out to drink water from the river, but you returned without drinking water. What was the reason ?” “Yes, your observation is correct .But unfortunately I could not find someone trustworthy with whom I could share the secret.” “You don’t  consider me also suitable for this?” ” No ,no , it’s not that.” ” Then ,in that case, you can share the secret with me .””Yes,yes ,I trust you. Listen-in fact ,I am afraid ,some very dangerous animal has entered this forest.  I have heard the thunderous roar of that animal on the bank of the river. Perhaps he is destined to rule this forest in future. Because he is capable of  shaking the whole of the forest with his thunderous roar.” ” What are you saying ,my lord?” “I am telling you the truth. It’s not difficult to asses the might of the animal with those thunderous roar the whole of the forest begins to shake .Personally I am of the view that we must abandon the forest now.” “My lord ! I too heard the thunderous roar, but leaving one’s homeland is not as simple as you think. Elders have said that brother,  wife servant, community ,wisdom and self confidence are put to test only when there is a challenge.”

“Damanak ! I have explained to you my problem. I don’t know what is going to happen now,” “My lord! You would not have become nervous ,had you been worried .But you need not worry so long as we are with you. We are brothers, shall manage the situation. Please don’t be ill an ease, leave it us to unravel the mystery.” “Yes, yes, do everything you brothers can .From my side you two are absolutely free.” “Thank you, my lord! With your blessings we shall return only after we have traced his enemy.” ” Brother! This is politics. Politics says that it’s no sin even if one has to tell lies to make the king happy. It is necessary to be brave and wise if one wants to oblige someone. You may not be aware, but I know the reason why our king is so frightened.” “And what’s that reason?” “In fact there is a bullock who lives along the bank of the river. Our king has only heard him bellowing; he has not yet seen him and that is the reason he is so scared.” “If it was as simple as that, you should have made the king aware of it. What is the use of keeping him worried?” Damanak said, “Brother! No one is going to honor us if we solve a problem without ant difficulty. How will the king know that we are wise ministers? Our politics says that a king should not be allowed to become free from fear. And if you commit this kind of mistake you too will suffer like the cat did.”

 “What’s the story?” “Listen, I shall tell you the story.”