Neha and Rahul marry each other against their families wishes. It’s been 2 years. Their families finally accept their marriage. Everyone is very happy and they are preparing for their arrival party at their own house. Everything seems to be perfect for the couple . But things started to get worse when family members came to know that Neha couldn’t get pregnant. People started questioning Neha and Rahul. They started blaming Neha. She is heart broken and depressed. She became worried about their marriage. Suddenly, a phone rang. She went to pick up the call but saw a girl named Mira calling Rahul. That was an unknown name to her because she knew all Rahul’s friends. There was no Mira. She became suspicious. Still, she decided to forget about it . It’s been a week. It’s Neha’s birthday today. The past week has been traumatic for Neha. She witnessed Rahul making plans with Mira. He even wants to bring Mira home to introduce her to his family. Neha thought, how could he even do that? Neha was still his wife. He even forgot it was Neha’s birthday. Heart’broken, Neha decides to confront Rahul. In the evening, when family members gather to celebrate Neha’s birthday, she confronts Rahul in front of the whole family. Shocked, Rahul accepts that he was talking to a girl named Mira and he even took her home that day to meet Neha . Neha turns to see who Mira is. She gets shocked and teary to see Mira is a 4-year-old girl, then Rahul explains to Neha that Mira is their daughter whom he wants to adopt and it’s supposed to be a birthday surprise for Neha. He then tells Neha that he loves her and Mira both and he wants them to be a family.