I was in college when I finally got proposed from a person whom I never thought of. In my whole life I used to be scared from these love feelings or relationship, I got some crushes from my high school but never had the courage to confessed as I believe that it will become gossip only.  As true and faithful relationship  I never found in my surrounding, all my friends who were indulge were just stuck in some drama each day. seeing them as example, I never thought of being trapped there. 

When I came to college it was kind of life changing for me, as someone entrance changed my whole life. He lived near my house I knew for a long time but always hesitate to message or take initiative .It was luck or what that finally through some class assignment we got into the same group, I don’t know why I liked him or fall for him the moment I saw him but I just did. After some days, surprisingly we became good friends and talk to each other more often. One day he told me that finally he is in relationship again with his ex and  he liked her  a lot and was so happy  that I never seen him too much excited before at that for the first time I realized that yes I did liked him and my heart just want to scream and had tears in my eyes but just pretended normal and wish him best after all we were just friends.

He used mobile all the time to talk to his GF since  she lived far away and  I get   jealous from that girl but I just put big smile at my face and pretend everything is just normal. I even tried to maintain distance from him but we just got more attach to each other without realizing it. He often do call, messages and do sweet things which kind of race my heart and I just can’t stop liking me. His hugs, care, talks, everything just all take my attention. I always thought that maybe I’m prepared to maintain distance from him but maybe I was never.

Some  months passed by, and summer break begin I thought I won’t meet him and that would be better for me but again I was wrong .Few days before break I just  asked him casually to meet me every week and I didn’t knew he would take it seriously  and he came every week to my surprise.  Everything was going normal suddenly one night he called and was very  upset. On being asked I came to know he got break up upon sudden reason which he kept mystery ofcourse.  I tried to console him but wasn’t able to do it properly and was feeling bad too at same point for him. After that day, he never took that topic and pretended to be normal I tried to talk but he ignored. A month went away and it was my sister wedding, I invited him along with my other friends and during the photoshoot with my one of my friend, for the first time I saw jealousy in his eyes and eagerness to have all my attention to him. since I was busy I didn’t talked much but his behaviour was somewhat cute I did notice. At that time I saw his new personality, he kept blabbering about me to my other friend about how I was looking that day and maybe that was his first time when he realized feelings for me. I saw a new him as there was sudden changes in his behaviour from that day on.

He kept on messaging me asking me about my updates, which was basically my job. I didn’t  went to college for one week and he and other friends kept on calling me and I was just confuse that why all of a sudden they all are missing me so much. so, after a week when I finally went to the college something very unexpected happened, yes for the first time in my life I got finally proposed in my life from whom I liked so much for a year. The way all my friend and he planned the proposal had really made my day , all seems to be like a dream and I didn’t wanna wake up from that. His confessions and feelings which he had for longer time which he also didn’t realize sooner and after all this of realization he finally accepted and expressed it had really melt my heart. And yes for the first time I do got into a relationship and I do fall into trap which turn out to be beautiful.