Gey recording herself.


[Grey]  Hi! everyone,

[Grey]  Welcome to my YouTube Channel – “Grey Girl_Rainbow Researcher”

[Grey]  Just like every week, Today I came up with a story about the LGBTQ+ community for you.


[Grey]  Today the story I’m going to tell you is about how the Rainbow people(another name given by the Youtuber to call the LGBTQ+ community) have to go through a lot of things to find their reality, or What they want.

[Grey]   So, as you know, I won’t disclose the real name of the person I’m going to talk about. Instead, I’ll refer to her as “G.” (the first letter of a girl’s name) and I’d like to mention that she is a girl. This will help to maintain her privacy.

[Grey]  Short Introduction about her: She’s 25 years old and works as a software engineer in a big MNC.

Story begins…

Tells all the pain she gowns through to realize she’s asexual(A person who can fall in love with someone but not experience sexual attraction towards someone)

she loved…..[Zoom out]

{her soul voice telling her story}

As you have seen so far, I make videos on YouTube about LGBTQ+. Maybe you think I also belong to this community, but no, I don’t. I simply want to share their stories and raise awareness among people, dispelling the misconceptions and false narratives that exist about LGBTQ+ individuals.

Now let’s focus on myself, Grey. I am 29 years old, and I have a boyfriend named Ben. I give love advice to others, but I feel paralyzed when it comes to resolving my love issues. For the past six months, my love story has become a mess. Today, I have a date with my boyfriend, with whom I have been in a relationship for one year. However, things are not going as I expected. My boyfriend and I have significant issues regarding our sexual relationship. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. It was love at first sight. When I realized he was also interested in me, I approached him, and that’s how we started dating. But lately, that initial love has turned into a burden for me. It all began six months ago when my boyfriend expressed his desire to have sex. I showed interest, but deep down in my heart I felt that my soul did not want it. My soul just wanted to run away. However, after a while I couldn’t handle it and ran away. The same thing happened every time my boyfriend tried to get close to me. As a result, my boyfriend started distancing himself from me. I tried various things to convince him and to learn how to become comfortable with having sex. Despite all these efforts, today I’m going for a home date with him after a long time, and he may approach me for sex once again. Whenever I try to think about having sex with him, I feel disgusted, and this feeling still hasn’t left me. I hope that everything goes well today.

[Grey] Hi Ben!

[Ben] Hi babe!

[Ben] How are you doing babe?

[Grey] Fine! And you?

[Ben] Me too!

[Ben] Let’s have a seat!

[Grey] Yeah sure!

 Ben takes the disc he made for her and puts it on the table. After that, he also makes drinks for both of them and serves them in glasses. They both drink, enjoy the dish, and share funny stories about their respective lives. Just like that, their conversation lasted for two hours. Afterward, they plan to watch a movie. Ben switches on the TV, connects it to Wi-Fi, and then opens Netflix to play Grey’s favorite animated movie.

Ben and Grey watching an animated movie.

[After 1 hour]

 He tries to be more affectionate and attempts to touch her breast. Grey tries to hold her breath and calm herself down. Her heart was racing at such a fast pace that he could hear it too. She tries to go with the flow. Then they kissed each other. After that, he puts his hands in her pants, and they continued like this. After a while, he takes out a condom. Just by looking at the condom, Grey feels scared and starts worrying just at the thought of what’s going to happen next. However, she hides her fear from him and follows his rhythm.


Will Continue In Part- II …


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    This is my first story on Stories. I hope everyone will enjoy it. Please forgive me for any errors, and if it inadvertently hurts someone’s sentiments, I apologize in advance.