Once upon a time, there was a small town situated at the foot of Himalaya mountain .There were two friends named Rose and James .They were neighbours who grew up together, they spent a lot of time with each other for doing exciting adventures.

Rose was a kind-hearted girl with loving nature while James love to do something exciting everyday despite they were very different to each other they formed a strong bond of friendship between them .

They used to do many exciting adventures as they climbed trees, perform races, play with pets. They also talk a lot about their future dreams and plans and share everything with each other and also motivate to reach them.

One sunny afternoon , a very large piece of snow displace from its position and become a reason of avalanche and that day due to avalanche there were a lose of many life and many were in critical situation who were suffering from lack of medical facility.

When James knew about that then he went to 50 km down to the mountain and came back with a huge force of medical staff and rescue team. In this work he took 3 days but he done that, on the other hand rose was take caring of everyone as she can and motivating to everyone.

After 4 months all become good and all the injured people also came in good condition James and Rose were awarded with a medal to save many life, that day they became the hero of the town.

In the today’s world where everyone is going to think about himself only, James and Rose think for others and they gave a best example of humanity to the world .There story became a legend reminding for everyone and everyone inspired form there team work and friendship.