It is about a woman who manages her husband’s business after his death with the help of her daughters.


This is the story many Indian women may relate to. The story of Ranjana Mehta who was married in one of the richest families of Surat, Gujarat. They had their own company in Gujarat, Ahmedabad. She already had a daughter named Naina. His husband wanted a boy this time as Ranjana was expecting a baby. Their second child was also a daughter. They named her Anu. They wanted a boy so that someone could carry on their business and expand it later. The elder daughter  Naina was three years older than her.

Both were admitted to a very good school. Naina was an intelligent girl. She was a good speaker who used to participate and excel in every debate taking place in her school. Though Naina being first child was loved more by her parents, she always supported her younger sister as well. She knew that Anu’s performance was always underestimated. She wasn’t as intelligent as Naina. She was rather interested in her creativity. Her potential in arts was appreciated by her teachers but not by her parents.   But Naina always trusted her potential and helped  her a lot in studies. Anu was interested in business as well. In every vacations, she devoted time in watching lectures of young and successful entrepreneurs. She had great marketing skills.

It was the time of their summer vacation. Naina was in 12th standard and Anu in 9th standard. Their father was returning from his business tour from Australia to India by his chartered plane. The plane crashed due to engine failure. Nobody in the plane could survive. This news shocked everyone. It made headlines in the country. The family went through a heavy distress. Her mother, Ranjana was left helpless all alone in the entire world of mean people. She thought to herself that how could she continue among selfish people without anybody’s support.

She took help of her brother who was good at business.

Though she herself had a great knowledge of how to work in the business since she was the owner of half of the shares of her company.

She helped his husband in the business and had learned a lot in that. Her brother helped her but with his selfish motives. He wanted some of the property from her sister’s wealth. His greed increased gradually. It was time to throw him out of the business. Ranjana did the same. She took over the business and became the head of the company. She started doing the business in her own way. It was too difficult to manage home and the business at the same time.

Anu had great knowledge of business. It was what she took interest in when she had been to London. She had the entrepreneurial aspect in. She always observed how her father did that and manage everything without any faults. Seeing her mother helpless, she started helping her in business. Naina supported them too and started learning as well as practicing the marketing and business skills.  Anu and Naina became the backbone of the company run by his father some years ago.

At a point in life when their father died, there was no hope that the company would exist and the business will exist. They just wanted to give up. But it was Ranjana who believed in herself. She worked the hardest to keep up the dreams of his husband and his name still alive by the name of the company which was ‘Mehta’s corporates’. Since her daughters helped her a lot in continuing the business run by his father, the company was renamed as ‘Mehta daughter’s corporates’. It was supported under Mrs. Mehta’s guidance as had been under Mr. Mehta’s supervision by all the workers and the corporate companies.

                    The business continued by the two daughters and their husbands later on made a great landmark in the history.

The profits were more than double and triple to what company was gaining, all showed signs of progress and both the daughters of Mrs. Ranjana Mehta lived peacefully with each other. The love for each other was stronger than the hatred and jealousy that grows among the sons of a rich man for the property and share in their father’s will.

The time and society has changed now. It’s not the time when girls used to cover their faces and were believed to do only the household works. They can now manage their professional as well as personal life in a balanced way. A man can only go and earn money but it’s a woman who manages everything with such an ease. Never underestimate anyone for what one blocks. It’s better to motivate one for one’s strength and inspire him/ her work for a better future. One’s knowledge can enlighten entire world want it is once noticed at the right time and in a right way.

Stay motivated stay inspired.’