Hundreds of people gathered a lavish wedding party in India to witness the marriage of two families. The wedding took place in an opulent hotel in the middle of the city, and the bride and groom came from rich families.

The party continued throughout the night as the guests danced and enjoyed delectable fare. But when one of the visitors, Mr. Gupta, was discovered dead in his hotel room, the atmosphere became gloomy.

When the police were summoned to look into the matter, they found that Mr. Gupta had been killed by strangulation. Furniture was flipped over, and there were personal items strewn over the room.

When Detective Raj was given the case, he started interviewing the visitors right away.

He learned that Mr. Gupta had entered into a business arrangement with Mr. Singh, the groom’s father.

Detective Raj started looking into Mr. Singh’s family after developing suspicions of criminal activity. He learned that Mr. Singh’s brother Arjun had a reason for wanting to murder Mr. Gupta. Arjun had made a significant investment in Mr. Gupta’s company, but no returns had been made.

Arjun was detained by Detective Raj, who accused him of murder. Arjun enticed Mr. Gupta to his hotel room on the pretence of discussing their business arrangement, it was discovered during the trial. Once inside, Arjun killed Mr. Gupta by strangling him to death while making it appear as though a heist went awry.

Arjun received a life sentence after being proved guilty. The tragedy ruined the wedding, but Detective Raj’s commitment to cracking the case allowed for justice to be done.

The incident acted as a warning that injustice will always win out in the end and that greed may have horrible repercussions.