World is the place where language and linguistic barriers are there which are creating the caste and creed differences between people. The population require different languages to maintain the diversity and importance of their community. There is this young mind who can speak 17 different tongues, he is a genius named Tom Doner. So there are various people in America who are focused majorly on languages like English and Spanish. This boy woke up one day and told his mother, “Mom, I have this passion for languages. I wish to learn only such things and I will do my best to get into it.” His mother asked, “Why so many languages? You can learn 2 or 3 and further do something which helps you to get a job….some monetary support.” He replied smartly, “Mom….I think language has a potential with which you can touch and communicate with other people. That can’t be done by anything else….”

Now his linguistic aura includes Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, few Russian languages, African ones also. He said in one of his TEDtalks, “The aim of my life is to reduce the linguistic barriers in the society because I think that is the reason of gradients between understanding different things.” Other than that he said, “I become some different person when I try and use some other language. I really saw things in a way and talked in a way that I never would have done in case of English.” New York is linguistically diverse city which is actually helpful for his career. He and his friends nearly study such things for almost 24 hours for 7 days a week.

Studying different languages and their he has got several guides. His father told, “I have been to Japan for several years but I could not learn the language in any way even in that period of 6 months. Now Tom is doing so much progress in a week for learning the same language is tremendous.” In the story his mother also said, “I admire his passion. The happiness he achieves after learning new languages is truly off the chart. I can understand French people slowed down and English is something we prefer to talk. Because of that other languages move apart from the scope.”

Many expert linguists said, “Tom has a very deep understanding of languages. Keeping all the languages in mind and focusing on new ones is truly difficult. He is an adroit person in the same. It is like a Mozart playing piano. Creation of something new and unique can be done by people like these. Different roots of languages he understands using various television shows and local news so that he can easily get grasp on local tongue.” Tom himself mentioned that he wants to dedicate his entire life for learning new languages, studying different regions and travelling over the globe so that he can understand the depth of those languages. Such prodigies rarely take birth over the globe and people should gain some inspiration from them.