The story revolves around Wilson family where everyone is so engrossed in their lives that the warmth of relationship with one another has lost somewhere . It shows how the children got distanced with their parents and how the parents try to  revive their relationship with them . Will they succeed ? Let’s find out…


” How many times do I need to tell u mom , do not touch my belongings! ” said Bob while searching his scooter keys . Jessica,his mother replied – ” last night you dropped them near the door. I just picked them up to keep them safely. Go check your bag , they’re right there .”

“Whatever” said Bob as he found the keys and walked out banging the door behind him .

Such quarrels were a part of everyday routine of Wilson family. With mom and dad both being busy with their respective jobs the warmth of relationship with their children Bob and Angela got got lost somewhere. Everyday they either used to have arguments over petty issues or no conversation at all .Stefan , the father used to be out for work five days a week and returned only on weekends and holidays while Jessica worked in a corporate and stayed out for  most part of the day . Angela worked as a fashion designer and Bob pursued his higher studies – both merely conversing with each other .

Both Jessica and Stefan missed the time they used to spend with their children , the picnics they used to go for and the dinner they used to have together. Though each member of this family longed for the bonding yet none took the initiative.

The next weekend when Stefan returned he saw Angela going out for a party and asked – “when will you return angel ? ” To this Angela replied – ” none of your business dad .   I don’t need to explain everything to you ” . This made Stefan cross and he said – ” Of course that’s my business. I am your father ! I’ve got all the rights to question and you need to answer them. ” Angela , who seldom talked to her father got infuriated and said – ” Giving birth makes you my biological father dad ! Since when you started acting this father thing? When have you ever tried to behave like a father . You stay busy with your ‘ business-trips ‘  , that’s all you can do . I am getting late please get off my way .

Stefan got numb to this cold answer .  He had no idea what to do  . So he simply allowed her to leave . Jessica saw all this from kitchen with tears in her eyes . Both the parents had one question running through their minds – Did they fail as parents?

At night Stefan saw Jessica going through the old photo albums .  Reminiscing past memories gave her a sweet pain ! She wondered if ever they’ll have those times back .

” That’s when Angela had her first fashion show in preschool ” said Stefan . ” yeah, how gorgeous she looked as a little princess ! I remember how you roamed here and there with her to get her the best princess outfit possible ! – Said Angela” You see this ? That’s when Bob lost his front milk tooth ! What funny faces he used to make while we clicked him! – amused Stefan as he watched the photographs that followed .   By now Jessica was in tears . ” where did that time go Stef ! – she said sobbing in Stefan’s arms .Stefan then said – “ Nowhere my love ! We are all still the same , all we need to do is to realize that we make a beautiful family together“

Next morning came up with a new zeal in Wilson house as Stefan shouted from the kitchen at 7 in the morning calling everyone down. Disturbed with this unusual hustle Angela, Bob and Jessica cam down half asleep to find Bob with his old chef cap.

Greeting everyone he said – “ Hola young man and lovely ladies ! What a bright sunny day . Here I present to you the Sunday breakfast – Cinnamon French toast with freshly scrambled eggs and tomato mozzarella salad along with refreshing black coffee . “ Jessica , who understood at once what Stefan was upto said – “Aah ! This indeed seems like a perfect Sunday morning to spend with family . Come on kids ! What are you waiting for ? Let’s attack “

Bob and Angela both astounded and bewildered wondered if they were dreaming . It had been years since they last had such an exuberant morning . Though the kid inside  both of them got lost somewhere due to everyday scuffles , the deep desire to experience the warm relationship with their parents still lay somewhere in their hearts . Thus , they went on and sat at the dining table while the parents served them . They all sat together and as Jessica initiated the conversation about Bob’s school and Angela’s studio , the stories came one over another and the chit chat went on for two hours .   After so long had they have such a quality time with one another .

Just then the realization stuck Stefan about how long had they been talking . Breaking the conversation in between he said –“ Well, though I don’t mind you guys having this chit chat session what if you have this near the lake ? It feels like it’s been ages since we had our last picnic! “ Jessica, being totally unknown to all such plans felt so proud of her husband that right now she felt Stefan was the best husband on the entire planet!

They all went to their rooms and got ready for the picnic. While Stefan and Angela were busy preparing things to be taken along  , Bob went to the kitchen to his mother . Jessica upon noticing him asked if he needed anything. Without saying a word he went straight to her and hugged her tightly with tears in his eyes. “ Are you OK Bob ? What happened? Is everything alright? Why are you crying son! “ – asked Jessica . To this Bob replied still crying– “ Mom, please forgive me! For Everytime I shouted upon you. For Everytime I hurted you . Despite of the way I treat you,you always shower love and care ! I am sorry mom ! I truly am ! “ Hearing all this Jessica had tears in her eyes who consoled Bob and said – “I love you son ! Don’t be sorry.You mean the world to me ! I am sorry for not giving you time that I should have .  I’m so happy son “

Stefan who saw all this from a distance felt so satisfied seeing that what he intended was being fulfilled . They all sat in their car with Stefan driving , Jessica by his side and both the children at the passenger seat  . When they reached the lake there were already several  families who came for  picnic . Wilson family found a nice shady spot under a big tree by the side of the lake . While Stefan and Bob went on with their fishing kits Jessica and Angela stayed under the tree , relaxing .

“ You know Angel when you were about to born , more than me your father was scared . Since you were the first child he was so anxious to be the father . You don’t know how special that feeling is , how special you are to him .  When he came to know it’s a daughter his happiness had no bar .

He felt like the king of the world ! That day he promised himself that he shall be the best father in the world . And he left no stone left unturned to do that .

When you used to cry all night , he was the one who sat by your bed singing lullabies to you . When you had your first fashion show in preschool he roamed the entire city searching the best outfit for you . And when was that cooking competition ? In seven grade , right? How badly he created a book store in our living room searching every cookery book for the best recipe .  It was never his consent to take a job like this where he needs to be out the entire week . But he didn’t want you and your brother , in any way to adjust because of lack of money . He wanted to give you both the best life possible . Can you imagine how hard it is for a father to be out away from his family , away from his home and working day and night . And when he comes back what he gets to listen is – ‘ he is just a biological father ? That he has no right upon his own children for whom he works all day and who mean the world to him ! ‘ You have no idea how heartbroken he was that day Angelina . He loves you sweetie . That doesn’t means he needs to prove that to you ! Think over “

This was when Angelina realized her mistake and guilt and remorse struck  her . What has she been doing all this while ! Hurting her own father . She had tears in her eyes and wanted to apologise but after what all she had done and after all this realization would she be able to face him ? Jessica understood her  delimma  . She said – “ My dear , he is your father . Go talk to him . He’ll be so happy “

Understanding the fact that father and daughter needed a little time alone Angelina called Bob to her and asked Angelina to talk to Stefan . All memories and childhood incidents flashed in front of her eyes . She had never felt so short of words . ‘ What will I say ? Will he forgive me ? What if I am not able to express what I want to ? “ – All these questions ran through her mind as she walked to Stefan . She stopped  right behind her father and when she had nothing to initiate , she hugged him from behind and started crying .

Stefan shocked to this sudden action asked – “ Oh my Angel !  What happened ? Are you okay ? “ Angelina , whose tears had no bound today , said – “ I am sorry dad ! How could have I been so ignorant to all that you have done for me ? How could have I forget that everytime it was you who stood by me . You work so hard day and night just to give all of us a better lifestyle and what did I give you in return . I don’t know how to apologise for all that I’ve done . Please forgive me dad . I am really sorry !”

Stefan , while outside he had tears in his eyes , deep inside felt so satisfied that what he intended was finally achieved . He took Angelina in her arms and said – “ Since when angels started crying dear ? I love you and I love you so much . You have no idea how glad I am today . I can never be angry with you . Just wipe these tears now . Where is the smile that lights up my world and where is that dimple ? “

He gestured as if checking his pockets – “ Are you there ? “ . Seeing this Angelina laughed at once .

“ There it is ! “ – said Stefan . “ I am so happy to have you this way again my dear. “ Angelina said – “ I have always loved you dad . You have always been my hero !“

“ Mine too ! “ said Jessica as she heard all this from a distance with Bob . To this Stefan said – “ Stop flirting , ladies  ! Who wants to have grilled fish here ? I am in full mood to cook today !

“ Me ! “ said everyone together . With this everyone went hand in hand to the barbeque they had set up  .

After a long time , the warmth had return , the love had return ,. Finally , they found the love they had always longed for . Finally , the family was complete – a truly happy family !