From the day, I was old enough to understand, I had been told that my sister was retarded. However, being the closest one to my sister, I was uncertain whether to believe this or not. The truth dawned me on the night of August …

It was a peculiar night. The fog had descended upon the earth like a robe dissimulating the evil. My sister and were walking along the narrow path leading to our house. My sister stared right ahead so accustomed to. It was later that I perceived this look to be one one of deep thought.

Suddenly, I jerked myself awake from my trance, I fancied I heard a shriek. Beside me, an abrupt shuffling of feet sounded in my ears. I turned to see my sister standing stock still. In a flash she grabbed is, turned and ran. Down the road she sped, dragging me behind her and swerving to the left and right like a remote-controlled car. How she managed to do so while enveloped in fog is a puzzle to me. At last, she came to a stop in front of a phone-booth. Panting, she gestured me to the phone. At that moment, the stalking fear had already clutched my mind making the world seem upside down. So I just fixed there, paralyzed.

Surprisingly, she understood. Next, approaching the phone, she took out the two rupees left after buying candy and slipped it into the slot. Then, with a frown on her well-proportioned face, she abruptly lifted the receiver and dialed. Almost instantly, a voice answered. With a look of incredulous awe, listened as my sister spoke curtly but eloquently t quite calm inspector, “Hello! This is Monica A robbery is taking place at our house, Sibal, .St. No-322, House No-222 … yes. .. I heard my mother scream, and its sudden cessation was certainly the workforce. Also, our dog who always barks in the presence of fog was unusually quiet. He must be injured. Please come as quickly as possible.” So saying, She put down the receiver with a worried expression Amusedly, I recalled the time my parents had made continual endeavors to teach her the phone-number of the police in vain.

That night has been incised in my mind ever since. To be sure. Hardly anyone believed member I told the police that the award formatting he the notorious robbers was to go to my sister.

After that incident, of course, of my sister was no longer considered retarded. Now, in fact, she is the smartest student in Algebra and one of the most talented ones in Literature. True, it took her some o the time to divert her concentration t real character of her inner self. But her feelings that had resulted through experience being thought of retarded, opened the gates to success….