Jaime Turner was a physicist who was once working in his laboratory on some technology related to quantum theory. One day during an experiment, unknowingly a  breakthrough in quantum technology allows for the creation of a revolutionary device known as the Time Turner- a device capable of manipulating time itself. This technology became the talk of the hour for various factions, including governments, corporations, and secret organizations, all vying to control its unimaginable power.

When Jaime discovers that his colleagues are planning to weaponize the Time Turner, he tries to get into the details of the pros and cons of this device. He discovers that this device could be life-changing but could have disastrous consequences for humanity if left into the wrong hands. Jaime no longer had authority over the device as the device was handed over to the government for further research. To stop everyone from misusing this device, Jaime decides to steal the prototype of the device and go on the run. 

Jaime digs deeper into the capabilities of the device and finds out that this device could make time go slower and faster, as commanded. This device was already against nature and if this device is brought to use for manipulating the time, the time zone of the entire earth would get affected. He then discovered that if the time is slowed and then made faster before the time zone is corrected after manipulation, we could be trapped in a time loop. Jaime realized that he needs to destroy this device before he gets caught for stealing this device.

Now, the question was how to destroy this device without causing any disaster. Jaime finds out that if he would make the Time turner go five times back to back the Time turner would become ineffective. But if he fails to do it without any break he would get stuck in the time loop. This was a big risk but he had to try this as this was the only option. 

The first two turns go as planned, but while he was taking the time faster in the third turn the Time turner got stuck and started making sounds, then suddenly it stopped. Jaime thought this was it and he was stuck in the loop forever. He cross-checked the time and everything felt the same, the time was as it was supposed to be. Jaime felt relieved and thought that he had destroyed the device. 

Jaime came out of the lab after he got rid of all the possible evidence. He went home relaxed and decided to watch the news to know the government’s reaction after they found that Time Turner was missing. Surprisingly, the famous device was not even mentioned on any news channel. He then saw the date, eight years had passed. Jaime’s heart started beating faster, what had he done.