Just like the two sides of a coin, life is basically a unpredictable bittersweet journey…..This ambivalence has more of  bitter tastes . These hard phases seem less difficult with someone to have your back on . Finding some genuine people has become so tedious in this generation .

A beautiful and unconditional partner is not perfect and don’t want you to be perfect either . The right one will love your mess and will try to turn your insecurities into perfections. The one who makes you strong and life seems less difficult with them. Love does not only means a physical intimate bond , true intimacy is that when someone understands your unsaid thoughts . A listener , who is there for you. A true relationship is about love , trust , communication, respect, support and understanding through all ups and downs. The slow , uncomplicated , unconditional love where intimacy of eye contacts is more than anything else .This is the kind of love you deserve . The one who understands you without saying anything because they know you well . The love where everything is more than just physical attraction.You deserve someone who is sure of you , that you are very sure of .The love when you wait for each other to be perfect until and unless you both are ready to unleash the world.