Once there lived a turtle named kambugriva in a pond. He had two swans as her best friends. They enjoyed the company of each other. All three meet on the bank of the river every day, talked about many things and exchanged many stories, before returning to their place at sunset. They lived happily and days passed away in this way.

One year there was no rain takes place there and lake started to dry. The swans got worried about the decreasing water level in the pond. They said to the turtle, “Dear, you will not be able to survive here anymore. All the water of the pond will soon dry up. We should have to do something to get ride from this problem.”

As the turtle was already aware about the problem he said to them, “Dear, please seek for an alternate pond which is full of water, where I lived happily without any worry. Then, you find a strong stick. The turtle continued, “When you find another pond, you can carry me to that pond with the help of the stick. I will hold the stick tightly with my mouth, and you both can hold the stick from either end and then we fly.”

According the plan the swans flew towards the distant pond and after sometime they found a pond which had much water in it. So they decided to carry the turtle in that pond. They returned back to turtle with a strong stick. They suggested the turtle, “Dear, everything seems to be fine. Please hold the stick tightly with your mouth and keep your mouth shut at all the time. You cannot speak during the fly rather you will fall off.”

Within few moments they started flying. After some time the turtle saw a town below during the fly. He looked the peoples of the town who were staring them. The peoples of the town start discussing, “Look at that! This is a different sight which is rarely seen. Two birds are carrying a turtle with the help of a stick”, they shouted in admiration.

On hearing all the conversation, the turtle opened her mouth, “What is all the conversation about?” She asked. Within few moments when she opened her mouth she falling down to the earth and the swans could not do anything to stop her.

As she fell down, the people of the town captured her and make a meal of her.

The wise indeed say:

Never fail to listen to the advice of your friends.