There is a girl named Shina who stays in Mumbai and whose summer vacation starts. This summer vacation, she plans to do something new and exciting. So, she starts searching for internships to do. She applies for an internship and one day, she gets a message from the manager named Rahul of the company for further procedure.

They both talk on a call about the recruitment process. While talking, they go beyond formal talks and start to talk about personal life. They talk often on calls. On talking, Shina comes to know that Rahul lives in America since the age of seven. He comes there with his family but his parents leave soon as they miss their friends and family in India. They leave Adiya with his mother’s sister.

Rahul, despite being busy with his work, manages to get some time to message Shina and talk to her. Shina doesn’t realize that he is getting attached to her and thinks that it’s just a way of working in a more interactive environment. One day, on a call he tells her that he misses her so much and wants to talk to her openly. Hearing this, Shina asks if he is having a girlfriend because all the time she thinks that he has one. He tells her that he is single and he has never been in a relationship before because he stays in America without his parents due to which he has to focus on his work to be a self-dependent guy. He works so hard that he owns a house and three cars just because till today he has worked hard. He also adds that now he has time to spend on a girl, that’s why, he talks to her and feels so attached to her. Shina gets skeptical of him how can a guy come across many people in his life not committed to anybody? However, he tells her that it’s gonna affect him a lot of she stops talking to him. Shina tells him that she can leave him anytime when she feels that she is doing something wrong because she has done this before also with other guys. Hearing this, Rahul feels so bad and says her how can be she so cruel as to leave him midway after talking so openly with him. She says that she can’t help it and stops talking to him.

Now, Rahul being hurt manages to stay somehow alone again and doesn’t text her. Now, Shina realizes her mistake, feels bad, and misses him a lot. She dreams about him and the next day, she decides to text him. On texting, Rahul tells her that he also misses her a lot and thinks about her all the time. They start to talk again and fall in love with each other.

Now, Shina hasn’t seen Rahul’s face but Rahul has seen hers. One day, Shina thinks that she is in love with the man behind the voice as she hasn’t seen how Rahul looks yet. So, she texts him to come on the camera and show his face. Rahul delays it by saying that he is lying on the bed with lights off and can’t show his face at the moment and promises her to show it in the evening. The evening time comes when they both video call and when Rahul switches on the camera, Shina finds a guy who looks so mature and slightly older, near 30. Rahul switches his camera off in just a few seconds and says that because of people’s negative reactions, he never shows them how he looks and has an inferiority complex. On this, Shina says him to be confident in himself as no one is born the way they look according to their choices, and ultimately what matters is the nature of the person and not his looks. Hearing this, Rahul asks her if she is gonna talk to him or not after seeing his face. Shina assures him that she is always there and loves him a lot.


  1. Harshit Gupta

    In this heartwarming story, we follow a young girl Shina who is on her summer vacation with a desire for new experiences but the narrative takes an unexpected turn when Shina applies for an internship which connects her with Rahul who is manager of the company and what begins as a professional interaction gradually evolves into a deep bond that transcends formalities.
    This story beautifully captures the essence of human connection and power of genuine conversations. The progression of their relationship is portrayed with sensitivity and authenticity and it also involves a moment of doubt which creates a temporary rift between them which highlights the complexity of trust and vulnerability in developing connections.
    The portrayal of Shina’s internal struggle and the impact of her dreams, filled with longing of Rahul, adds an element of introspection and self-discovery.
    conclusion of the story leaves the readers with sense of hope and belief that true love transcends physical appearances.
    so, this story expresses themes of trust, vulnerability, self-acceptance and transformative power of love and characters emotional depth makes this story a compelling and uplifting read.