The story of an aspirant hustling for success in the old Rajinder nagar or Mukherjee Nagar of New Delhi has become a bit too old. When we read the word “aspirant” we most probably get a sudden strike of an image of a nerd staying in a small room surrounded with books and tensed about his/her studies and career (mostly UPSC). But unlike any other aspirant stories this is a story of an aspirant named Anjaan . Anjaan is a lower middle class country boy, son of a farmer and a housewife . His father even after being a farmer was well settled as they belonged to a family of landlords (zameendars) . His father even after being well off stayed a simple and classic lifestyle , living like some middle class man . When Anjaan turned 20 he got to know about the properties his father owned and started dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur. He started planning about his business even before he would complete his studies but in the dreams and aspirations of his business he simply forgot that he had just not completed his degree. 

With time he turned older Ahmad completed his Under graduate degree in from a local college, but still he had not given up on his aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur, he then went to his father in ask of capital for his business . His father asked him what business he wanted to pursue, he further explained his father that he wanted to come up with the chain of restaurants and lounges in their locality. His father , being a man of simplicity couldn’t co-relate with his ideas and clearly denied for investment with a strict direction of preparing for some government jobs like other children of the family. 

Anjaan got immensely upset after the denial of his father and after thinking for a while just joined an institute for the preparation of SSC  exams ( staff selection commission exams ) , his father being unknown of his plans sent him to Delhi to pursue better career preparations with India’s best mentors. He soon got selected as an Income tax inspector and that made his father proud, but Anjaan was still not happy with his achievements. He still dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and so he resigned after 8 years of service. 

His father stoped talking to him soon after his resignation . But even after going through all those ups and downs of life he focused on his only goal of becoming an entrepreneur and opened his first restaurant in the nearby town . In no time his restaurant grew up to  5 branches in the towns near to his village and he became one the richest person in the locality .  

One year later, when Anjaan was sitting in the first branch of his restaurant “ zayaka” , an old man of about 70 yrs old turned up to hims and asked him how he was . Anjaan kindly asked him to sit and said that he was totally fine , how could he help him . Then the old man handed Anjaan an envelope . Anjaan curiously opened the envelope and found a contract of partnership of 5% of equity for his restaurant for an amount of 50 crore rupees, with the signature named Arnav Malhotra (the richest and Mukti billionaire  in the state) . He was shocked and happy . He thanked the old man for the offer and replied with a yes without negotiating. He then ran to his father and informed him about all that . His father hugged him with tears of happiness rolling down his eyes and blessed him with lot more success. 

Anjaan after an year turned out to be the owner of an unicorn hotel company named “ zayaka” .