This story is about a small boy who loses his mother’s ring which was the last memory of his late father and a series of realizations there after.


Meredith and Jeremy were trapped in loneliness since the last seven years after the death of Jeremy’s father, Edward John. Meredith taught him that Jesus was his father and their only source of strength.

“Get up Jeremy, you are late for school” screamed Meredith.

“Mom, today is Sunday please”

Meredith smiled and put the blanket over him as he turned his faces. She walked downstairs to do her routine, tea and newspaper.

The clock stuck twelve and Jeremy walked down the stairs to see the sun shine of the afternoon.

“Afternoon Honey, here’s your Bournvita”

“Thanks mom, Afternoon” said Jeremy.

Like a regular Sunday afternoon, they both had lunch and Meredith went upstairs to her room for a nap. Jeremy sat on the sofa next to the entrance door and started watching TV.  Hours passed by and it eventually started drizzling. They lived in a not-so-sophisticated society and robbery was quite common there. Meredith usually used to warn Jeremy to be careful but he was never interested in her wisdom.

The doorbell rang and Jeremy opened the door with the left hand while sitting on the sofa. On the door was a ferocious looking man who was searching for Meredith. Jeremy was taken a back for a second but after knowing that he was looking for this mother he came back to life. Like a typical careless teenage boy he rushed upstairs to call Meredith. He left the main door open.

“There’s no one at the door, Jeremy” said Meredith.

“There was a man looking for you, I think it was a prank by Mr. Tobby’s workers”

Minutes and hours passed by, they had chicken for dinner and went to bed. Next day was the worst nightmare, Monday. Like always, Meredith woke Jeremy up and went to bathe. She got out of the washroom and felt like something was missing out while getting ready. While putting the face cream she realized that it was her marriage ring which was missing from her ring finger. She recalled where she put the ring and realized that I was kept on the table next to the sofa.

She rushed down stairs and realized that the ring was gone. After death of Edward, Meredith had to sell everything in order to get a new house and start a new life. However, she kept their marriage ring with her as a sign of her lost love.

Her heart froze and in teary eyes she rushed to Jeremy’s room.

“Jeremy, have you seen my wedding ring?”

“Yes mom, it was on the table near the sofa”

“Honey, its gone I cant find it”

Jeremy’s world shattered as he realized what had happened.

“Mom, the man from yesterday”

“Yes even I thought that for the second but how will he see what is there on the table?” asked Meredith.

“When I ran upstairs to call you, I had left the door open” said Jeremy full of guilt.

Meredith spent the next two hours searching for the ring in their small 2BHK house. Jeremy missed school and decided to help Meredith. During lunch time, Jeremy told her to stop looking as there was no sign of giving up by her.

“I am sorry mom, it was my fault” said Jeremy as the tear drop fell from his eyes.

“That was the only thing I had that made me feel closer Ed” Meredith ran to her room.

Jeremy learnt two lessons that day. First, to be careful and responsible and second, to value, care and love people around him.