It's a story about a girl who did not had an ordinary childhood like you and me but still her life was full of happiness and joys that we eventually forget as we grow up. 


She was 3 and her mother passed away. She was 28 when she lost her brother and she was 35 when she lost her father. And today she is 42 but you can mistake her for being 25 because she’s still as beautiful as a new born baby.

Sometimes in life we come across situations when we think nothing will work out now. Every door is shut and we feel angry as to why did this thing happened in our lives. We always end up thinking that this is the worst thing that will ever happen with anyone and the usual pessimistic attitude comes into existence. But do we ever wonder about the rest of the people whom we don’t even know yet.

Every day we come across a variety of people, people of different races, color, heights and accents. We have no idea about their lives. All we are worried about is our life, our problems, our solutions and nothing else. Everyone goes through the same phases, we win, we lose, we earn, we spend, we laugh, we cry, we live and we die. I don’t know about other folks but yes whenever I listen to someone’s problems I get a unique connection. Maybe because somehow they have fought over something which people like you and i are still doing, everyone’s very own “LIFE”.

If I ask you how were your childhood days? Majority of the answers would be it was great, without any tension and frustration. Life was easy and adorable. We would trade anything to get back those days and relive and cherish them once again. Won’t you?

But even then we had complains and wishes. We wanted all kind of new stuff. We would cry if we didn’t have a new school bag, or a lunch box and many more things. As we grew older our expectations from life never ended. Enjoying eventually decreased and we all started running towards materialistic things. Inner peace and true eternal love for life was lost somewhere between the last days of school to the first day of job. I have a story about someone who did not have a childhood like mine or yours. It wasn’t an ordinary one. Yeah she had all the joys of life and looking at her wouldn’t give you a single clue that she had done so much from such a small age. She was beautiful in every way, wouldn’t let anything wrong happen to anyone ever, and knew how to fight for her family and friends. You could see her grow taller when she would narrate how she spent her childhood days. I don’t know about you but yes for me she grew taller and taller in front of me the more I came close to her and her stories. She was someone worth admiring, worth respecting and a true love for me. And once I asked her a silly question

“Don’t you miss your mother’s company?”

“No, I never knew what it felt to have a mother, I never saw her. All I had was my father and my brother. My father had always taken the place of my mother so I guess I would never know what my mother was like because that part of my story was never written I guess. He would narrate stories to me every night, would tell me all the ethical stuff. Teach me lessons of Kings and the Queens. My father was really an honorable man. He would never say no to the weirdest of my wishes. He would never scold me when I would mischief around or buy expensive clothes or just roam around because I was his prized possession. He was the one I used to share everything with and to be honest I never actually felt deprived of her presence; my father was always there beside me as a supporter, as a friend, as a mother, as everything I ever needed. Practically I miss him when you talk about my mother because in real sense he was both to me, a father and a mother. His absence just won’t be filled ever. He always had a hand on my head and no matter what happens I’ll miss him till the end of time”

She was 3 years old and her mother passed away. For sure she didn’t know then what death meant. What it felt to be devoid of a mother’s presence. She was the youngest of the four siblings she had. She was the naughtiest one and indeed everyone’s favorite. She was serene but yet you could see her mischievous eyes and make out that she really can turn out to be the most notorious whenever she felt so. She was raised by her father who in himself was someone truly admirable and one of the most honest person one would find. As she was the youngest one she was loved by all, teased by all and protected by all. She was 10 years old when her eldest sister got married and now she was left with her brother and her second elder sister in the big house that they lived.


So I’ll ask you again when did you cooked for the first time? At the age of 18, 16 or maybe 14? You did it on your own or there was someone to teach you? Of course there must have been someone to teach you how to make your first tea. Maybe your mother or father? But what if there was no one around to help you out? What if all the things you learned in your life was on your own?


Well yes this girl started cooking at the age of 10 on her own and not just making snacks but a full meal. She might not had a childhood like you and me where everything was given in a plate, but her childhood still held all the beautiful and happy moments. Somehow she had learned to live on her own. She used to wake up at 5 in the morning, make breakfast for 4 people in the house, go to school, come back in the afternoon, make lunch, carry on with her studies and then make dinner and sleep just to wake up early again so that she could start her very brave routine again from the next morning. The big point was she never complained nor did she asked for anything else. She managed everything with no expectations and nothing in return. She had matured at an early age and maybe that’s the only reason that she still is like a child at times.

This was one part of her story. The real bravery that she showed was saving her house from the torture his uncle gave. Her siblings were not so outrageous like her. She never hesitated following the right thing and when she was 16 she realized some of the wrong things that were happening around her and nothing could stop her from getting things back at the right place. She learned some of the secrets of the house, secrets that even her father didn’t knew about. She got to know one of the reasons of her mother’s death. She was in depression, she was unhappy not because of her father but because of her uncle. He used to beat her, slap her and misbehave with her for no reason but she never uttered a word. Her siblings used to watch but they never complained about it to their father. His uncle used to even hit her brother and sisters. Even they didn’t bother to complain to their father but this little young girl was very close to her dad so she used to share each and everything with him. When she learned all these secrets she decided to tell her father.

Somehow his uncle got to know about it and he fought with this 16 year old. This girl never backed from any fight. With all the shine in her eyes she told him there would be nothing that will stop her from telling the truth to her father. Listening to her, her uncle put his hand up to slap her and just then the winds changed.

Her siblings who had never ever questioned on their uncle’s hit came just in front of him and stopped his hand from touching her saying she is my sister and if you dare to touch her again, I’ll cut you into pieces.

This was it then, now she not only had her own power but a pillar as well to undo the wrong things that prevailed for so many years. And the secrets were revealed and the wrong was punished all because of that little girl who stood for the right thing. Who had already learnt to live her “life” in the way she wanted. The coming years made her even stronger and brave. She grew beautiful and taller each day.

She was warmer with the weak, helper for the needy, and protector for her loved ones and a kid for the one who knew her real well. She had her own rules of life. She still is the same, the glorious one, the majestic one and I wish she’ll always stay the same.

So now when you’re stuck in your life, close your eyes and think once about those people who never backed down from any situation, think about people who never had the luxuries you had but still never complained because they knew this is the only life they’ll get, so there is no time to regret and stay unhappy.

Instead live like you have never lived before. Fight for your own life because in real actual sense this is your own “life”.