This story is more about her life’s ups and downs but still the love story is extension of her life. The story revolves around a girl Sunanda who was once alive but she lost her spontaneity in the course of life. She was shattered because of her loss of dear ones. But she raised herself and stood against storm with the support of her family and transformed into a different entity and she assumed that it was a better version of her.  

She met Drisha who became her best friend and she always tried to convince her to see other’s side of life also. But  Sunanda  was too busy to listen her and she devoted  herself in her dream’s work & passion and didn’t want to see other colours of life.  Her family got their respective ways and learnt to live cheerfully and her friends also got their lives. But she remained stuck in her past and always found herself alone even she was pursuing her dream job and was living a life as she always wanted.

Suddenly, she met a guy Kabir who not only shown her a way to see the rainbow of the life but he also made her believe in the magic of life. And she gave her strength to create a world where she could see the glimpse of familiar smiles in other smiles and thus made her understood the meaning of life as well as value of life. And finally, she realized he was also a magic as they were showered by the blessing of her dear ones.  


It was my last sip of coffee and i was staring at the sky searching for any miracle.

Since childhood, i was told to get my answers from god and god’s home is the sky. Yes, that phase of innocence was gone but the belief still resides within the layers of my soul.

My phone rang i rushed to my room to pick up the phone it was the charity organization. The trust name was ANAND MURTI ASHRAM and it worked to give the shelter to the old people as well as orphan children and it was well known organization nationally and internationally and it decided to honor me by giving award as he considered my work that it helped to uplift the society.

As i didn’t think as such but if someone was understanding your worth then it is good to accept that honour. So, I said yes to them.

I told them that i am coming within an hour.

I am Sunanda Rai a famous novelist as well a chief editor of company’ UNICORN’.

Everything I had in my life but still I am not aware of these achievements as if i lost my senses in the past.

Suddenly, clock stroke 11 am and I had to reach there within one hour. So, i ran to the door and waited for lift.

Yes, it was ground floor and i got down and ran to the basement. I drove my car out of the campus of my apartment.

Now i was driving on the main road in between i checked my clock it was 11;30 and i fasten car’s speed as i was getting late . I was very close to my destination. Amazingly, it started raining but i continued to drive .But lastly, I had to stop as it was raining heavily and i could not see clearly even if my car wind-shield wiper was working perfectly.

So, I searched for a lace to hide from the rain and I found, my safeguard shade was a old building’s window

My safeguard shade was a old building’s window’s canopy and I was thinking now what!. To my surprise, I saw my younger brother Tezaswi was peeping out of my window and was calling me.

I nodded in affirmation and i opened the door of my car and i was standing in-front of  gate. He opened gate with his familiar smile and i struck to see him .He tapped on my head and asked me,”what i was doing here “ and I asked him the same question. Instead of waiting his response i continued and enquired him that you were placed in America as a computer software engineer .How you came here in my city and you didn’t even inform me. He said he wanted to surprise me and he told me that I was doing well. As he read in some newspaper or magazine that i was nominated to an award.

I was happy that he was aware of my activities then he asked about mom and about siblings then i asked him you must know about them as you used to talk with them daily on phone.

He smiled with wet eyes and asked me how do I know and I got  puzzled with his reply. Suddenly,  it started darkening and everything was disappearing even he was and i struck to see what was happening. I awoke as I found myself in my car In front of that window , still I was bewildered with my emotion but I hold those emotions inside.  And suddenly, gate opened and  a person in formal wear came and asked me to leave as he also had to drive his car through that way where my car was standing. He might be getting late as I thought.

I started my car and as i checked time it was 12;00 pm afternoon.

Oh god, I am late . Obivously,  i had to be late as i slept in my car for more than half an hour who did that like me. In the whole way i was cursing to my inappropriate sleeping habit and finally, i reached there.

I parked my car and i opened the door and rushed to the aisle of seminar hall and I saw my manager who came near to me and started to narrate his worry  and at the same time the head of organization approached me and I said sorry to them for my late arrival and then we talked about the activities of programme  and when we are done. He gracefully invited me on the stage and I lighted the candle as a chief guest.

I was ready with my speech and as I stood on stage. To my surprise,my family was sitting  on right in the 1st column and to see them i got surprised as they excused about their arrival due to late flight. But to see them,  i felt elated but i controlled myself and i waved my hand to them and in response they also did. I gave my speech and also appreciate the works of this organization..

After me, other members also had to elaborate their idea  about their organization. So, when all activities were finished i rushed to my family and i hugged my mother as after a long time due to my work,  i couldn’t see them for a long. it was a grand get together with family. So i had told her to celebrate in grand hotel but my mother resisted and told me to celebrate it to my home and we were on the way to my apartment.

As we reached there we celebrated our long awaited get together and in between I went inside my kitchen to cook food.  I as well our family loved home cooked food so we had dinner after an emotional talk we went to sleep in our rooms but I stayed with my mother as I saw her wet eyes and I hugged her and thus went to sleep and switched off the light.

I lost my brother 4 years ago in a car accident when he celebrated his vacation with his friends and when we were informed about his death. It was like a thunder which shattered our ship in voyage as we already lost our father because of his ailment 10 years ago.

But it was my mother who not only held her strong but she also supported us to find our  ways  to continue our voyage.

My brother, Tejaswi was my friend ,my buddy everything he was the only person in my life who not only understood me but also inspired me to find solutions of  my problems.

As I  heard he had left us I was like a traveler who lost her pole star but gradually I found myself because of my family’s support  and I created myself through my craft that was  writing whenever I got  any  award .I remembered my dear ones.

A tear roll down on my cheeks as I was waving my family on the airport.

They were going to home as they had their work .I tried to convince my mothers to stay with me but she didn’t want to live here as they had to take care of home which was the reminiscent of those golden memories.

While returning to home , I saw kabir .Yes it was him .But I continued to drive as he didn’t see me. A few years ago when I came as a struggler in this town. I stayed in hostel and then I met Drisha she was my roommate then we became great friends and thus shifted to a flat.

I also got a job as a creative writer in reputed company UNICORN  as a internee and she was already working as engineer in other company. Soon,  she was going to engage with her boyfriend Soham.

So, our life was going well. Many years passed and I also got many promotions and became a chief editor of my company .But we Drisha and I was still best friends. She always asked how I managed to write as well as handle my job and I used to laugh and told to her that I didn’t have any distractions like her ,pointing to Soham.

She smiled as she knew in what condition I was going through. She saw after my brother’s incident that  I lost myself completely in my work.

World knew me through my work but she knew my condition and was aware of my wrecked heart.

One day she told me you were so much concerned for your carrier since I met you but now it was too much .You completely  lost yourself.

But I opposed her saying I used to socialize with people and I did party with you guys and also with my colleagues. That’s it I am living my life.

She got angry and said ,”come on yaar,  you can not live with us or your friend or colleagues forever. You will have to get a life-partner. But I interrupted her and said .”don’t talk like my mother”.

But she didn’t listen and introduced me kabir. Actually,  she didn’t introduce. In a seminar,  I ,Drisha and me was there to attend the seminar. we met with kabir and I liked his thought about life. And it might possible he also liked mine.

So, after few days he came with my gang. I seriously didn’t like his presence as it was our pristine time and he interrupted in it.

Soon , he was counted as an important entity in our gang. And when I started to like him I was not aware about my feeling.

But to hide my feeling,  I always tried to avoid him as I didn’t want to look as an idiot to him. Soon, he thought that I hated him .

And he started not to hang out with us. And I also accepted it as a destiny.


As today, for a seminar I had to go for Dehradun. So, I packed my luggage and I called Drisha if she with her husband wanted go with me as I didn’t want to go alone.

But they said no as they had some works and I had to go there alone .I attended seminar and next day , I had a meeting. So , I was preparing for that in my hotel.

Suddenly , I got a call that someone was waiting for me in the reception and while stepping down I couldn’t think who would be the person it might be Drisha.May be, she did a prank by saying no to me but as I was on the last stair, what I saw!  it was him Kabir.

Wearing brown leather jacket paired with blue jeans he was looking adorable and was waiting for me in the lounge..

Is this real or I am in a hallucination ! I was thinking and  he said, hi and I also waved him in suspicion .

But he looked serious yet poignant and asked me whether he could talk me outside or in the hotel. So, I went outside with him. We were walking as it was the spring season I was feeling awesome to see the lovely pictersque scenary in my way.

Probably, he was searching for a right moment to start conversation and finally  asked me why you don’t like me and I said,’’ no it was not like that  as you were thinking. Then he turned to me and said I knew about you and your loss as Drisha told me everything about you.

As far as I could understand you I wanted to say you that you had to move on life may be there could be someone or something which can give you a magic stick with which not only you can change your life but also of others. If you really wanted to be free from your pain. Please be happy and share those sparks with others. It might be possible by doing these things you could see a glimpse of your dear ones who lost you in the way of life through the smile of others.

And I wanted to support you while doing these miracles and I wanted to hold your hands as by saying this he  came close  to me and saw in my eyes and  continued and said ,” I wanted to see those glitters in your eyes”.

I got overwhelmed by his proposal it was beyond my words and I said yes and he hugged me tightly. And we were showered by flowers as breeze blew .And my tears roll down as I realized  it must be my father’s blessing coming through heaven.