The story is a different take on the classic stories of love and how good conquers all. The style of writing is that of a ballad.


It’s about a story

“The dragon approached the princess, while she stood bound by the chains of rust, put around her by the men of right and wrong, drenched in their sweat of lust, she stood there crying as the dragon moved to claim her, no other prince and dare no knight would come, thought she trying to blame her.

But only so much could she do, so much had she done, for a story ending in front of her eyes, in the eyes of the dragon had just begun.”

“Did the dragon eat the princess? Was she gulped and forgotten” asked the little boy hiding behind the big woollen hat.

“The fire had the princess, and the dragon had his pain. Her skin wasn’t forgotten, neither was the dragon an evil being” I explained.

Not all monsters are blood thirsty and not all prince are trust worthy, there is just so much there in this world and just so less our eyes can see. So ,

“Hold on to the rock you sit above, tighten your hat and prepare for love.” I spoke.

“Monsters love too, and their pain is no Joke.”

“Why must you discuss love with pain, there lies no meaning in your shattered chains” he exclaimed.

“My story son,” I told him “not every tale ends the same.

The heart that breathes you today, I must tell, has held tightest hands with our fellow pain.”

“All ears” said the young lad, fixed his seat and thus fixed his hat.

“The dragon was in love and had been in her dreams enough.”

“Dreams!” said I playing with words.

“Nightmares is what the princess would scream about,

nightg and nights when he would often dream about.


“The dragon had his heart fit in his tail, a stern quiet creature with a scary face. Every child in the village would whimper of his name, he hadn’t done anyone harm , yet him they blamed. For the wicked men of the black knight had put the village to fire , the princess was their victim and her , they did acquire.”

“Fire is a weapon of the creature of the dark, with his anguish , our village has he flamed with an evil spark.” They impishly declared.

The villagers ran to find him, and the dragon slept unaware.

For he had been wagging his tail to sweep the earth that stood beneath him, as he dreamt of the princess and then a mysterious thought had creep in.

“Oh my princess. She stands in danger. Sold by her prince , with the black knight’s gold to exchange her.” He knew.

“I must fly now, for she may be crying to be saved

I can rescue her and she’ll see how well behaved,

Is the creature of her nightmares

And maybe she will no longer be scared.”

He flew , he flew and reached the den. Bound by chains she stood. Surrounded by the evil men.

One by one he flamed them all, and cleared her way

“Come with me princess, I have come to take you away.”

“I shall not go with you,

You are a monster, that is all you are

And my prince awaits me in my kingdom

He will save me , stay afar.”

Said she as the dragon fell to his knees

He had heard about pain

But this was the first time

When he came to feel.

“ I apologise princess

I will fly back now

Confessing my love

Won’t help me now.” He said and got up

Was about to turn back to leave, but felt a thrash , fell to his knees .

A mob of angry villagers, led by the greedy prince

Had chopped off his tail, which perplexed in a distance.

He fell , breathless

To her feet

She looked at him

And begun to leave.

The dragon died, and the princess had been freed. The prince got the gold and the princess, despite his greed.

And that is it, a tale of love and pain, you say it makes not much sense, must I explain.

Most beautiful of things come with a price to pay, and the price comes with words to say, to the people we love the most, but their words too, come with a price to pay, we pay the price, and the price is pain.