My breath immobilized, feet numb with all the blood pulled down along with my courage, I saw the Pot-Head.

I was riding down the dark misty road of Kerala where the crickets snivel their sound, the final bliss of the day takes her beauty sleep and the spectral ambience reveal itself. I travel to the town to earn my daily wage and return home just to eat my wife’s rice gruel and sauted beans. So to restore my life, the urge is high. I have  two lovely kids that take my breath away, I mean literally, when they jump on my plumpy chest with their innocent scheme to wake me up and me galloping behind them and oh man, their joyful shrill when I come home, sometimes with sweets if I earn some extra from my daily wage.

With that carefree head, I ride down with my cycle that is occupied with a makeshift headlight, an electric torch tied at his handlebar. My life is blissful as it is. But that day, that wretched day, I am afraid my contented head will not be the same when I curve by that road. 

As I was peddling down with my might, I felt a sudden creak ahead of me. Realising a branch is going to fall from the heavy thunderstorm yesterday, I slowed down and I was right, but it was a heavy branch that fell to its demise and I got aggrieved. With the blocked path, I began to examine my way out. Whilst looking for it, I felt the presence of someone but it wasn’t welcoming. As I focused in between the mist where flashlight shone, I saw a tall lanky form where its appendages touched it feet. But the most knarly structure of that entity was its head. I could see why it was tall, it had more than three pots stacked neatly above its torso.

My breath immobilized, feet numb with all the blood pulled down along with my courage, I know I am gazing a fey creature whom I call it, the Pot-Head. My head cursing me on the scenario I have put myself into but my heart told to stand the ground and face it as my heart was popping inside me like it wanted to run away. The tiny power of a 22 watt flashlight wasn’t enough for me to identify the entity. At last, with the last sliver of manhood’s prow, I put my vehicle in it centre stand and spun it to give a strobbing light charge. My futile ambush made it move towards me, just to make me shout at it as I held onto my sweat covered rosary, “Reveal yourself chekuthane !” 

Finally it spoke to me from what it sounded like a loud moan. Drenching my truncks from my fear I charged towards like a maniac. But alas, I froze to still. It wasn’t an entity, its was drunk ruffian who was carrying several pot’s over his tiny head and dragging along the ground by his scawny arms were two white sacks.  My urge to whip the living lights out of him as well as hug him to give my thanks as I grazed my demise but instead, I climbed over the branch, carrying my trustworthy vehicle and peddled all the way to my haven. 

I ate my gruel like I was devouring my fear as my family sat puzzled. My dear wife was concerned for my uncanny behaviour but I assured her with a kiss on the forehead that everything was alright. But I know for the fact, my mind will never rest easy when I pass that curve or will I ever meet a REAL Pot-Head.

The End