Nakshatra had a dream to pursue her favorite subject Psychology from Delhi University. Her parents and her grandfather totally supported her choice.

She would go around telling people that she would get to visit Delhi from her native place Almora. Since her +1 when she decided to pursue Psychology and that too from the reputed University, she was very excited as well as anxious about living in Delhi, about her college life and endless memories to collect from the capital city, which is quite obvious for a girl coming from small town.

Nakshatra had given her Board exams and she awaited the day when the Board results came. On D-Day, she took blessings from the Almighty and also from her Grandpa.

“My star, my Nakshatra will get whatever she wants!” Her grandfather said with a smile.

 She switched on the computer and logged on to the education board’s website. After a lot of hassle as the site got hanged she got her result. She had got less marks in English and her favorite subject, Psychology: 83 and 85 respectively and 95 in History and Political science. She had got a 98 in her optional subject. So in her main subjects she had only got around 89%. You may call me an idiot for saying, only 89 but it is a harsh and an unfortunate reality in terms of admission in DU, in a subject like Psychology wherein the requirement is above 93%.

“Woah Nakshatra! You have done so well! Congratulations, my child.” Her grandfather was happy and he kissed his grand-daughter. But Nakshatra’s mother had something else going on in her head and she was staring at Nakshatra with a grumpy face.

“Tell me, how will you get your.. what did you say, ah yes, “your first love”, with these marks.” She said in a wicked tone.

Nakshatra’s head was hung with shame.

“Why are you talking to the child like that? She has done so well. The marks Nakshatra has got is not bad. It is rather very good.”

“Papa ji, she cannot get anywhere in DU with these marks!” Her mother growled and went away.

Nakshatra sat still.

“So what if you would not get the college you desired, life does not end here. Maybe you will get something much better. Don’t get bogged down with these marks. You have got this beautiful thing called Internet. Search for alternatives then and have that smile and never-say-die spirit in you.”

Nakshatra nodded. She searched the other colleges in India which offer the subject. Till she came across a course known as B.A. Programme in DU itself which is actually for those like her who could not get admission in a particular subject due to sky high requirement. She could study two subjects like Psychology and Philosophy or Psychology and English.

Nakshatra’s mother came with her phone. Her father who was posted in Vadodara had called to keep her spirits up. She excitedly told about her recent discovery.

“Are you sure about this choice? I mean, you would not get proper knowledge of the subject, is what I reckon.”

“Don’t worry Papa, it will be no less than the specialised course. I’ll work hard for the Masters entrance and I assure you, I will come out with flying colors.” Nakshatra happily replied.

“I am proud of you, my child. Do what makes you happy. I am always ready for your help.”

The call ended.

A week after that, Nakshatra was called at her school as she stood second in her stream.

“No need to go there! You have not got marks which are grand enough for this felicitation!” Her mother ranted.

Nakshatra’s grandfather was witnessing the scene.

“Manjari! Enough of you! Always cursing your own child because the examiner gave her less marks. Nakshatra is already so disappointed by this behaviour of yours. Do you ever realise this?  Don’t you dare reprimand her like that again!” then he turned to Nakshatra,” Go and get your reward. I know very well that you have worked hard for it.”

Nakshatra went to school the other day and brought home a trophy. Her mother, who did not even come to attend the award function, overlooked the trophy. Her grandfather had kept it in his room at the cabinet.

After a month, Nakshatra had got admission in a B.A. Programme course in a South Campus college. She was happy that she was getting to study her desired subject along with her second preference English. She had got the college hostel as well. But she was dismayed by her mother’s attitude towards her result. She did not send a single congratulatory message on her admission.

Her mother sent a long message to her after her college started explaining as to how she was disappointed that her daughter could no enter into the 95% category which could have landed her up where she actually wanted to. But it was Nakshatra’s positive mindset which changed her attitude towards the whole situation and she blessed Nakshatra.

When her mid-semester break started, her grandfather passed away due to heart problem. Nakshatra was crying when she got the news. Her grandfather trusted her like no one else.

After the funeral was over, she was sitting on her grandfather’s bed and looking at the photos of him, Grandma, her parents and of herself. Below that was the cabinet where her trophy was standing. She recollected the day when he congratulated her and lifted her spirits that day. Then she decided she will always live up to her grandfather’s positivity and do well.

She realized that how we are so afraid of failires as they come and go but people get so threatened by it. It gives us some kind of experience.