This is a story of two people who love nature, and eventually, these plant lovers fell in love with each other, and wrote the story of their life with unconditional love, how that happened is the story.


Wilson a 75 year old young at heart man had the best nursery of all times on the outskirts of the city Bangalore. He loves plants and loved to stay around them, he fell in love with Shenaya at this same nursery and never wanted to leave this place; he bought the nursery and lived there for years. Each and every tree on the route from the main road to the nursery was planted and nurtured by him and his wife. Each tree reminded him of the unconditional love he shared with his wife who passed away a year ago. But he feels her in every tree every corner of the nursery.

Today was Shenaya’s birthday Wilson sat by a tree and was remembering their journey, right from their first meeting to the last days.

It was the chilling winters and Shenaya has recently moved to Bangalore for the start of her career in it industry, passionate, stylish, young she was. Wilson has completed his engineering in agriculture and started to work at the agriculture pesticide manufacturing company.

Wilson beside coming from the family of doctors had a great interest in nature, plants, agriculture he used to visit the Nature nursery often to bring in rare plants that come to India. Wilson remembered that he always wanted to be close to nature, and lie along with it but there was no one from his family who could understand him in that sense. These thoughts were disturbed when a man came to the nursery asking for Aglomena, a rare plant. As the man went away after taking the plant a tear dropped from the corner of Wilson’s eyes he clearly remembers the first time when he met they were fighting for the same plant Aglomena, there was only one at the Nature nursery and both of them were equally wanting it.

A small smile gave him a relief as he remembered the beautiful eyes Shenaya had. They were fighter cocks at the start; they coincidentally wanted the same plants when they were at the nursery. And eventually Shenaya started shouting more but Wilson liked losing the plants to her. And then after few Saturday’s of their visit to the nursery they became friends and were equally surprised by the fact that they always wanted the same plants. Shenaya called up Wilson to look at her plant collection and same Wilson had done, but Wilson used to do it often because he started liking the fact that she was the only person who shared the same interest as he does and equally understands his love for nature. They both started sharing the plants instead of fighting for them and Shenaya being an orphan had loved Wilson’s company, though Wilson didn’t express his love for her, she understood. She wanted to be the first one to propose so she planned a surprise for Wilson that Wilson always wanted.

She bought the nursery for him, took him to the nursery and surprised him by gifting him the nursery. They never told “I love you” to each other but they know it, from deep bottom of their heart. Then Wilson gave up his job and Shenaya too, they lived alongside the nursery happy, sharing moments of magic with each other, Wilson now got up and walked away to meet another customer.

Let’s hope this nursery will see another Shenaya and Wilson soon.