It was a hot and boring summer day and I was idly scrolling through my messages when I reached my aunt’s staple daily motivational whatsapp forward text. I would usually delete these good-morning images before they filled my device gallery, but owing to boredom I allowed it to download. I was amused by the cheesiness of it and read it aloud to my sister- “Hey Shreya! Listen to this quote of the day, ‘the only person standing in your way is staring back at you in the mirror’ whoa!” I laughed and she joined in. But something didn’t feel right. Since then, a bubbling anxiety had been rising in my stomach- and I rushed into the bathroom right after dinner. I left the door open, for some reason, and stared at the person in the mirror. She looked like me, but so did Shreya. We were identical twins after all. At least, that’s what she’s told me. I can’t look behind her, and I can’t see anyone else. I gave up trying to make sense of the confusion in my head and turned away. However, I knew something wasn’t right, when I felt a pair of eyes boring into the back of my head even though I had my back turned to the mirror. I felt goosebump, and immediately turned around, only to see my own face staring back at me. “Oh,” I thought, “what was I expecting? As if my reflection would be looking back at me when I’m not watching. That’s not possible”. And yet, I could’ve sworn that I saw my own expression change. Frozen in fear, I screamed out to my twin- “SHREYA! I’m in the bathroom! Come quickly!” But I couldn’t bring myself to move away. I stood there, like a deer in headlights, and watched the person in the mirror open her mouth. “No need to shout I’m right here”, she said, in Shreya’s voice. I couldn’t breathe as I watched her eyes turn into big, yellow slits, as their mouth opened and said to me “sorry for getting in your way, I was just hungry.” That’s when I ran, out of my room, then out of my house, and didn’t look back. Who had I been living with? Who was I looking at? What did she turn into? So many questions, and not a single answer. Frustrated, I became a content writer working in exchange for small cash- still writing about my past, hoping that someone believes me.