“Don’t leave”, she whispered. Looked me in the eyes and pulled me near. There I was, sitting on her couch uncertain if I should stay. “We shouldn’t be doing this”, I said. I knew she didn’t care, all she wanted was a body, anybody. “What about him?”, I asked. “He’s out of town, he won’t be back till tomorrow”, she said. “I’m going to go”, I said as I walked out the door. I knew she loved me somewhere, you can tell by the way she looks at me, but my head said otherwise. My head was logical, all it could think of was the fact that if she wanted me, she’d be with me. But my heart, it was with her. It was with her that I realized what love was, it might sound cliché but she made me feel things I’d never felt before. Her dark eyes, luscious hair and charming personality was everything I’d ever dreamed of. As I walked home, I thought of how things would’ve been different if she didn’t have to marry that loser, wouldn’t it have been better if the society accepted us for us? but I had a plan and it was all going to fine. The first step of my plan was to visit her before her husband came home, so I did just that. I dressed up, had my well deserved coffee and waked to her house. Her house was very peaceful. The buddha statues, scented candles and the calming Tibetan singing bowl were a proof of that. But today there was an unusual silence. It’s the type of silence that is too loud to hear. I knocked her door, she opened. She was a mess. Her hair messy, clothes scattered. I asked if everything was okay. She said nothing and went into her room, crying. I followed her right into her room and asked her what happened. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t have to say a thing because I already knew. “He’s cheating on me”, she said. “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that”, I said. But I wasn’t, I was the one that sent her that anonymous mail with the pictures of her husband kissing his mistress. “Can I do anything?” I asked. “Be here with me today” she said. I agreed as I walked towards her. She was on her bed, all crawled up into a shell. I helped her sit. She put her head on my shoulder and said ” Deep down I knew that something was going on, but I didn’t really bother. So why is it hurting me now?”. “You love him” I said. She looked into my eyes for a moment and said “No, that’s not it”. For a brief moment our eyes held on to each other and then she leaned in. I pulled back, in disbelief, but my heart was telling me to go for it, so I did. I caressed her hair gently while I leaned back in, everything was coming back, the firsts we shared together and the seconds we knew were made for each other. She was wild yet the softest person you’d ever meet. She knew just what to do to keep me coming back for more. The door bell rang and standing there were 2 policemen. The confirmed her identity and asked why no one was lifting the phone. Looking at her state they assumed she knew, but they told her nevertheless, “your husband was stabbed to death yesterday night near JK store, the suspect is on the run”. “Wha…what” she said in disbelief. We were both shocked. Everything started falling apart. She started falling apart. All I could do was be there for her, which I did. “Didn’t you say he was coming today?” I asked. “Yea, that’s what he said” she replied. “How did you get those pictures?” she asked. “What pictures?” I replied. “The ones of my husband, the ones you sent yesterday from your mail” she said. “Wait, what?” I said. I checked my mail, I sent her those pictures using my personal email id, not the anonymous one I created. “His secretary was my college” I admitted. “So you knew he was coming back yesterday?” she said, to which I nodded ‘yes’. “DID YOU DO THIS?”, she asked. I stood there in disbelief. “NO, I WOULD NEVER”, I screamed back. “Well, how can I trust you?! LEAVE”, she screamed. I looked at her in disbelief and then slammed the door while leaving. Me? Killing her husband? What does she think of me?! I need to find out the truth about this situation, so I can prove to her that I’m not a killer. I called his assistant and asked her what had happened to him. She explained that he was walking past JK stores when suddenly someone dressed in a black costume came, spoke to him , stabbed him and flea. I asked if she knew who it could’ve been, she said she had no idea. She told me to keep faith in the police, she told that they were close to finding the suspect. Apparently the stabber didn’t do such a good job of keeping themselves hidden. There were finger prints all over the knife. “What a fool” I thought to myself. They’ll know who it is in an hour. “Well, that’s good news” I said. An hour passed, I got a call from the assistant. She told me the name and I instantly knew who it was. But first I had to see how she was doing, I rushed to her home and rang the bell, multiple times. She opened the door, there was silence for a minute, and I said “Its…”, “I know, his mistress” she interrupted. “Why would she do that?” I asked. “He was going to tell her husband, and ask him for money in exchange for his silence” she said. “Why did he do that?” I asked. “Because the husband is a politician, and if the word got out, it wouldn’t have been good for his reputation. ” she said. “So, what happens now?” I asked. “She goes to jail for 5 years” she replied. “Do you remember the pact we had?” I asked. “The one we made in school?” She replied. “What do you say?” I asked. “Yes” she replied with a smirk. The pact made was that if we’re both 30 and single, we’d get married.