The sun was setting as the detective arrived at the old mansion. Inside, he found the body of a wealthy businessman, Arthur Jones, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. There were no signs of a struggle or forced entry, which made the detective suspect that the killer was someone who had access to the mansion.

The detective questioned the victim’s wife, Clara Jones, who was acting suspiciously. She claimed to have been out shopping at the time of the murder, but the detective noticed a smudge of dirt on her shoe that matched the dirt found near the victim’s body. Clara said that she had been walking in the garden earlier that day, but the detective found it odd that she had gone out for a walk in the garden when it was raining heavily.

The detective also found a mysterious note in the victim’s pocket, which read “I know what you did.” As he dug deeper, the detective discovered that the victim had been embezzling money from his company and that his wife had been helping him cover it up. The detective suspected that someone who knew about the embezzlement had killed Arthur Jones.

The detective questioned the victim’s business partner, James Smith, who had been with him earlier that day. James said that he had left the mansion at around 4 pm and had gone to his office. However, the detective found a receipt in James’s pocket that showed that he had bought a bottle of whiskey at a liquor store at around 6 pm. The detective suspected that James had returned to the mansion after leaving the liquor store.

As the detective continued to investigate, he found a hidden room in the mansion that was filled with documents related to the embezzlement. The detective realized that Arthur Jones’s business partner, James Smith, had killed him out of revenge for the embezzlement. James had discovered the embezzlement and had confronted Arthur about it, but Arthur had refused to return the money. James had killed Arthur in a fit of rage and had then hidden the documents in the secret room.

The detective arrested James Smith and brought justice to the victim’s family. Clara Jones was also arrested for her involvement in the embezzlement, but she was released on bail. The detective felt satisfied that he had solved the case and brought the killer to justice.


  1. Abhishek Gade

    Well written, kudos
    Could have made slight changes to the story with regards to the character names, i.e Arthur jones being very common.
    Also too much information given in the first paragraph, whereas it should be explained gradually along the story which helps build the story better. Towards the end of the 3rd paragraph the culprit was predictable between two characters.
    More characters introduced would have been better, kept the mystery alive and the audience hooked. Slight changes to the storyline could’ve been better with the introduction of a third person to avoid a mainstream storyline