Its about how love can play tricks in one’s life, even if it was a man with super powers.


It is ‘HIS’ world, a world where everything is filled with the magics of his hand, the powers of the great Xander.. The Invisible Man.. Every little thing that looks normal but actually not.. it looks like an ordinary mirror but when you go near it, it shows you weird, shapeless, curved, zaggered or any other form you would not have expected from a mirror.. and it looks like water, but when you touch it, it vaporizes.. you guess it to be inflammable, but if you take fire near it, it goes off.. thus, everything is strange in his world.

No one could enter his world unless he wishes for it. He normally take children into his world and make them have fun with his tricks and finally it seems all like a dream for the children. He makes them forget the break between reality and dream and everyone just believes that it was just a dream. This was because of the LORD’s order to him, the LORD of the world, who gave him such powers, that he can use to make others happy. On the other hand, it was the LORD’s plan to establish the superiority of his powers to the people. The miracles that happen through Xander would at last always be establishing GOD’s powers.

It was an accident how Sandra got into his world. Sandra was an orphan who lived in a home alone, earned in her part time jobs and was doing her graduation.

She was grown up in a home run by the Church of the zone. She was on her twenties, and  Xander usually doesn’t take such grown-ups into his world. But the actual reason was different. For the first time, when he met her on his way, he felt something in her that attracted him. He wanted to have her all around him in his world. So he decided to take her into his world. This time, he did not make her feel like a dream. For her, he was visible, as he is always visible to those he wishes to be (this happens rarely in the case of those little children who really love fantasy, also named as Xander) . But, he wore a mask to hide his face, for the LORD has not permitted him to express himself to others. He used his tricks that made her never question him about his mask.

Sandra was on her vacation and every morning, after finishing up her breakfast, she used to walk up to her garden from where she reached Xander in a way she doesn’t remember. He took her into his world and there they spent their time together. Xander was the one, who wore a bright blue full sleeve shirt matched with his black pants and a suit that fits his masculine structure. Sometimes, he wore a black hood that ran down till his toes and fully free sleeves, just like a magician of the state. He was a man with a physique, that every girl would really drool at the very first look.

But he matched his mask perfectly in his face. She gradually fell in love with him but she never thought about who he actually was. She had greater feelings for him and days were moving on. She started realizing that he is the man of fantasy, the reason for all the magics in the world, the KING-MAKER of all the tricks. When they were together in his world, he made the rocks to shower rain over them. Flowers bloomed on their own and jumped on Sandra’s feet while she walked.

He presented her the moon of his world. She held it in her hands for sometime and then he asked her to throw it up, she did and it stuck back on the sky. As the days were moving, he too started falling for her. Initially, it was just an untold attraction that made him take her into his world but now, he changed his work schedules of entertaining people and allotted the day for her.

He just enjoyed her presence with him and that’s what he really wanted. At some point they both were in great craze over each other for they felt that they cannot survive without the other.

They forgot the rest of the world and always stayed together chatting about each other’s attitude.

It was a bad day when Xander was called out to Heaven for The LORD wanted to meet him. He did not meet Sandra and left to Heaven. He was questioned about his unusual behavior and the way he was failing to do his duties. He realized his mistake and felt answerable. He apologized and promised to leave back to his work. That’s where it all started. Sandra waited for him to take to his world for she did not know the way. But he never came again. She felt broken, started to search for him in places she had known about tricks, the fake magic centers of this world, the circus and so on. But she couldn’t find him. She forgot to move to her college and job. All that she did was searching him.

She started losing faith that he would come. She was crying all day and night for she lost that one person she had in her lifetime. From childhood, she had none to take care of her and hence her attitude was really soft and different from others. She strongly had the will that she should not be dependent on others. But he had changed her. She needed him badly.

Xander made himself invisible to her and saw her in all these pain. He couldn’t see her crying for him. He really loved her a lot, but the fate, he couldn’t get to her as it was against his creation. He too felt broken without her. Then, some day, he let her into his world again. He made her come towards him. But he did not catch up with her for the fear of his LORD.

She felt happy that she found him. She ran towards him but he disappeared. She was shocked and again she searched him. Thus, the tricks went on some time. She started to sing about all the memories of their love, touched every weird thing of that world, made him see how his tricks worked on her hands too as he had taught her some of them.

She stood in front of a mirror, it showed a dozen images of her, she touched it, felt like touching the water that stood vertically undisturbed. She touched the shrubs that gleamed in different colors with her touch. She walked through a deserted soil that bloomed with her foot steps as usual. She wondered that there were so many magical things that she had never seen there while she was with him. She ran through every corner in search of him, without stopping her song of memories.

He felt himself breaking down into pieces with every lyric of her. It was killing him alive. He wanted to send her back to home and created fake men to scare her away, but she wasn’t disturbed. She believed that HIS world was always safe to her. Moreover, she believed that HE too loved her just as she does and hence he would always come to save her if she was really in danger. She kept on calling him.

He couldn’t tolerate it anymore. So he decided to give up his life.

It was the punishment that if he decides to reveal his face to people, then he would lose all his powers and become a common man and leave the WORLD OF FANTASY.

As he heard her crying his name and moving through the woods, he stopped on her way. Her face showed up millions of happiness on seeing him. She just stepped closer to him, and showed up her hands about those men who came to scare her. He made them disappear and hugged her. She cried so much in his chest and he calmed her down. He spoke, “will you accept me if I am not magical and become a human just as you are?” She did not understand what he was talking about. She never thought him to become a common man and felt that it was impossible.

For one last time, he used his magic, and made her forget all tricks and make her feel him like a common man, but with sweet memories of pure love over her. And then he removed his mask. His powers are gone. For the first time, she saw his glorious face which she had not seen all these time. They were standing in her garden, hugging each other. She felt great. She had got the man of her life. And though he lost his powers, he felt happy that he joined her. Both of them had been alone for years and now they were together and it was just their own new world where they lead a happy and peaceful life.