Once there was a pot in the woods of a jungle that was near to the city. The jungle was filled of animals, birds, butterflies and the lush green.It has magical powers in it so by this he was able to move to different destinations. It was a Magic pot and at this time he suggested to change his destination to the caves of the jungle. No one wanted to buy it because everyone was afraid of the powers that he had. He was very lonely and sometimes depressed too. One day it was decided to go out to explore. He explored the grasslands, the farms and the fields. Ultimately he arrived to the village that was near to the jungle. He decided to enter the house. He knocked the door. No one came. So he opened the door himself and the Magic Pot thought to enter the house. He knocked the door again. Someone opened the door. There was a cute little girl with her bare feet and the yellow dress accompanied by a yellow cap. She was amazed that how a pot can talk and walk by his feet made of mud. So she asked him what his name is by gaining some courage in her. Magic pot described him. So the little girl nodded and decided to take it in the family asked the Pot what kind of magic it could do?

“I can do anything you ask me to,” it replied. So the family, “Will you do us a favor? Will you go to the store and get us some milk and some bread?”

“Of course, said the Magic Pot happily, and of he went, marching down the road, singing a happy little song called, ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm As the Magic Pot went down the road he said, “Oh dear! Time is running out.” Then he saw the store with the sign, Milk, and Other Things.

Before the magic pot went into the store it turned itself into a person. It bought all the things that it was asked to buy, and then went back to the house. I am so happy that I am with people, ‘it thought.”

He was filled with joy because the loneliness didn’t accompany him more. He was surrounded by people that could talk. He can share all his memories and his feelings now. He was not at all depressed anymore. He gave treats to people so that they could spend more time with it and this will make him happier. He would use to show them magic and was always playing with little children. Its life was complete now. He had everything that once he wanted in his life.

Suddenly the Magic Pot felt strange! It found that it could no longer do magic. But the family loved him so much that they decided to keep it for decoration. They had lots of art supplies and they decorated it.

The Magic Pot was amazed and happy. It had found a home at last. The magic pot was extremely delighted that finally it has reached its destination.