A teenage boy develops a misunderstanding that he lacks love in his life, give into bad habits but improve upon them with family’s support.


The story is about two decades ago. There was a boy named Sumit who lived in Haryana. It was his hometown. He lived in a joint family. Two uncles, aunts, their two sons and one daughter, her grandparents and his parents lived with him in that huge family. He was a simple boy who lacked love in his life according to him though it wasn’t true. His parents didn’t have enough time to spend with him since they were part of their family business. His parents used to work in order to earn money to secure their family’s future.

He remembered his grandmother telling him how he was brought up by her. But she couldn’t spend time with him as she had to look after other children of the family as well. As he grew up and went to school to study, he was called a brilliant child. He was good academically as well as in extra curricular activities. Whether it was some arts competition or sports activities, he was equally strong in it. His cousins also studied in the same school. His aunts were jealous of him bringing laurels since their children were average students. They didn’t allow him to play with his cousins much. They were jealous of his parents as well since they earned for the family & were given more preference than them by their parents.

In that surrounding, there were people but none to understand him. He had all kinds of toys but nobody to play with him. He had lots of things to share but none to listen to him and spend time with him. When he used to see his classmates accompanied by their parents in the P.T.M. or some functions, he used to get upset since he was mostly left all alone. And that made him really sad. He felt like he was all alone in his struggling life. He wanted to do something about it because he couldn’t continue his life like that.

When he turned fifteen, he went through some teenage behavioral changes. He started isolating himself from his classmates. His interest towards studies deteriorated. His performance became that of an average student. He gradually became part of the gang of bad boys.

When his academic performance deteriorated, he was asked for it’s reason. He didn’t discuss about it with anyone.

That stress had made him restless. He couldn’t discuss it with anyone because of his weak bond with his family members.

In his school, he started sitting alone thinking deeply about what he can do to avoid his problems. Those bad boys started taking deep interest in his life. The reason was that they knew that he had money to spend on them. He felt a little lighter while sharing his deepest secrets to them. They consoled him and told him to give the solution to his problem.

They told about how each of them was undergoing with a similar problem. There were few seniors who helped them sort out this problem. They introduced him with drugs. He was not acquainted with how unhealthy they can become. First time, he tried due to peer pressure. It gave him some relief from the problems & situations he was going through. It was like a mental trauma to him. He started having it regularly. Those boys used to get extra money from him for his drugs as well as their own needs. Nobody actually knew what was actually happening within the school boundary. The seniors used to get the drugs supplied from some smuggler and distribute it to the students who needed in the backyard of the school’s main building.

Days passed in this way. Sumit felt better with drugs. And he hadn’t yet realized how badly he needed it. Six months passed. Once her mother was looking for her important document in her whole room, she saw the packets with white powder in Sumit’s bag while he had gone for the tuitions. She took one out, teared it to check what was that and found that they were drugs. Was it true what she was thinking in her mind? She broke out. Being a mother, she had the responsibility to express her love and emotions to her son. But that love remained unexpressed. And that was her fault. Lack of time and the weak bond between Sumit and his family led to such a consequence. She called his husband and told everything to him. When he was a back to his home, he was asked about all that.

He cried and told about how lonely he used to feel. He tried to talk about this but no one listened.

They informed about this to the school authorities. The seniors were handled by the policemen. And the innocent students of Sumit’s class and he was left for the action of their family. His parents send him to rehabilitation center to get rid of what he was caught into.  It wasn’t easy to do that. But he came back as a person devoid of all the weaknesses of his life. He got admission in IIT-Delhi on the basis of his academic performance. He shares his story with everyone now and realized that love is not just felt by touching or physical appearance. It is even felt when you really care and believe in others. Now he has this opinion and he loves his life more than he ever did. He spends time with underprivileged children and the orphans and shares his love with those who really need it.