Once there was a sweet little girl named Sofia. She lived near a beach which was filled with palm and coconut trees all over the beach. She used to live on a coconut tree which was far away from the beach and was very tall. The leaves were very heavy and green. The bark of the coconut tree was very flexible and strong. The bark was also waterproof so she decided to make her house with the bark of the tree and thought to cover it with the palm tree leaves so that she could get protection from the sunlight, rainfall for any other season.

She was poor and she lived in a tiny hut made out of coconut leaves. Now Sofia was a kind girl, so she went to it and stroked its head. “Dear squirrel,” she said when she noticed that it was hurt, come with me, I’ll make you feel better. “She took it home and fed it well.” Then she bandaged the wound and she told it to go back to the woods if it wanted to.She said this expecting it to leave but it stayed with her. Sofiya was surprised. Anyway, she always kept the squirrel with her. She loved it and it loved her. They were together for the first three years. They had fought in between which only made their love stronger and deeper. They took care of each other, their needs and lived for each other happiness. It has been 5 years now that they both have been living together.

One day, Sofia went out to get some nuts for the squirrel. The sky was completely dark and was filled with clouds. The clouds were roaring as something is going to happen. The wind was blowing at a very high speed. She somehow managed to get out of her home. And it started raining like cats and dogs. The rain was so heavy along with the wind blowing that she could evenly walk.

Suddenly something happened. The lightning struck a nearby tree and a voice came from her house. It was Harry, he was the most notorious one in the place where she lived. A naughty little boy called Harry, who had been having a walk in the forest, kidnapped it. The boy took her to the jungle where he tied her with ropes and mistreated her. The boy was very unkind to the squirrel. He did not feed the poor thing. One day when Harry went to school, he ran away to find his little mistress. Meanwhile, Sofia was worried about her little pet. She looked everywhere for it. She was very sad.

One day, as Sofia was making some honey juice, she heard a nibble at the door. When she went and looked, there was the little squirrel, all worn out. So he brought it. The squirrel thought that it was very lucky to have such a good mistress and was very grateful. The squirrel was extremely happy and delighted. After that, they lived happily ever after.