Once upon a time, there was a village name Hasnapur. It was a beautiful village full of greenery, fresh air and water all over. The people of this village live together with love and harmony. There lived a hard-working and kind trader named ‘Raju’.

Raju mostly traded in salt and had a very lazy donkey who always tries to avoid the work given by his master (raju).

Raju used to load the sacks of salt on the donkey’s back and used to earn money by selling those salt from one village to another.

One day Raju asked his donkey to get up to load the sacks of salt and let’s go to the town across the river to sell this salt.

The donkey was so lazy that he didn’t want to work every day and wished that he could sleep throughout the day. But as his master ( Raju ) ordered him so he got up and Raju loaded those sacks of salt on his donkey and asked him to start walking and cross that bridge until then he would pack some food for him as well as for his donkey.

The donkey started walking and crossing the bridge suddenly he slipped and fell into the river as he was carrying sacks of salt on his back the salt got wet and dissolved in the river. When the donkey got up so the sacks on his back were lighter than before so he thought that this seems to be a good idea that every time he dip in the river the salt would dissolve in the water and his burden could be less so he decided to do this again and again.

When Raju reached the other town to sell the salt it weighed just half of what he loaded thinking it might be his miscalculation so he sold whatever salt was left and returned home with his donkey.

The next morning he again loaded the donkey with the sacks of salt and started to pack his food. The donkey yet again started walking before him and made it to the bridge and he tried that dipping trick again before the master (raju) reaches there. Raju got confused as the sack started weighing lesser every time.

Then, one day Raju decided to follow the donkey and did the same and hid in the bushes he noticed the donkey’s new trick and decided to teach the lazy donkey a lesson.

So, the following day instead of salt Raju filled the sacks with cotton and tied them to the donkeys’ backs. Due to the new habit, the donkey purposely fell into the river but as soon as he fell into the river the sacks got heavier and his back started hurting him this time sacks were filled with cotton and cotton-soaked water and become heavier.

The donkey dipped into the river again and again thinking to drain the salt off somehow but all went in vain he somehow managed to get up and cross the bridge. He sat on the ground as the sacks were so so heavy then his master (raju) came and laughed at him and said ” Donkey I am your master and this is your work ” I work very hard and never make excuses to fool others and avoid work and I must teach you to never repeat this mistake and never avoid your work. The donkey learned the lesson and never tried to avoid his work again.

Moral: We must always work with full of honesty and sincerity.