So, this started in the summer of the 2020 when i was in my 11th grade. I was practically running after school and tutions and never had a time for hobbies, actually i forgot what were hobbies in the midst of those hectic days. The day started with 6.30am for getting to ready for school and ends with 1am after completing the assignment. At the beginning of the 11th grade I was too excited for entering the new phase of school life that’s the senior secondary and I was too excited to be a senior as well as motivated enough but soon with all those pressure of studies and tutions I started feeling devasted, sad and demotivated. I started feeling bored of all this running life. Running after school, running after tutions and running all day after one thing or other but all excitement of running after that I had at the beginning started to fade off within a few months. Soon, I started questioning why I am even running after all these and it was not like the last run that I will run in my life! After school, I have college to run after, then my professional life and even when I will be old enough I have to run hospitals only, when will these running after something will be over?! Of course, I just couldn’t ask these questions to my parents or anyone else, it was only in my mind. One day I was sitting the terrace and was star grazing, and since it was clear sky, the sky looked like a beautiful piece clothes embroided with a shiny stars. Though I was star grazing my mind kept skipping to the unanswered question of running after and that moment I understood, that our life is all about running after something. The fun part or exciting part of life lies in running after something only. If we stop running, our life will be super boring. Until we have something to run after, we have all the excitement. I felt that the journey of achieving something was more exciting than the destination itself.